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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Little Wing, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Most of what I listen to is stuff that has long since reached its prime. So I am writing a post to see what bands that are still going strong people like...

    My two favorite bands that still seam to be in their prime...

    Modest Mouse
  2. the only band that i think of at the minute would be cold play...
  3. coldplay,i love that group
  4. Queens of the Stone Age.

    Like NME said. "The greatest living rock band."
  5. cold play and radiohead are forsure my 2 fav bands right now

    portishead also rox.
  6. QOTSA
    Incubus (that counts right? I mean they got a new one out in Feb.)
    hmm, thats it... thats odd, never noticed I like so little new stuff
  7. 311 is still good and ive been listening to sublime a lot more lately

  8. Word.

    Oysterhead and Keller Williams... if either is still a band of the time.

    I USED to like sugar ray... then they got bad....

    Edit: I totally forgot about Galactic. P-funk is still around too, they're not in their prime though.
  9. agreed 311 is great, im also starting to dig some dave matthews band. They arent bad for a recent jam bandish type thing.
  10. Obviously, phish is my first choice.. I love phish. Dave Matthews is probably second. I'm really liking modest mouse right nwo but I"m also a big Grateful Dead fan as well as pink floyd, the doors, some of the beatles, petty, lots of older shit. I love my music!
  11. gotta agree with phisher man but moe is my favorite.
  12. I'm jus startin to get into bands more...so my choices are a little outta place lol, but right now I'm really likin Grade 8, NothingFace, and from what little I've heard...Killswitch Engage

    *EDIT* Actually, I think these are realllly outta place because these are up and coming bands I think...lol, as to say of the time...not too sure.
  13. Old bands and old music is far superior to the music made in the past couple of years. so none i guess, i listen to the classic rock stations anyway.
  14. Dave matthews band and phish are definitely in their prime and dont show many signs of passing it lol

    but in my opinion, Sublime is the best damn band ever and theyd still rock if they were still around
  15. Finger Eleven is my favorite band, but I think their newer stuff has taken a slide in quality. Their first album, Tip, is perfect. Nine Inch Nails is another favorite, but the newer the better, with The Fragile being the best. Lately I've taken quite a liking to Radiohead, especially having seen them live in Houston in October.
  16. The Beatles
    The Mars Volta

    those are the bands i can listen to forever, and i like alot of other things like QOTSA and other bands, i like alot of things
  17. I Like Less than Jake They must be my favorite band at the moment
  18. Def Leppard and Bon Jovi. I like to play hair metal.

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