fave movie while high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Alice1981, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. I like things that are funny or scary..in a campy sort of way...I like Woody Allen movies and Evil Dead
  2. lol evil dead...

    army of darkness
  3. for sure!

    at holiday time i like claymation...esp. Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer...
  4. VANILLA SKY!!!!........super fucking good movie while stoned..cuz if you get it just right...you will be coming down and everything comes into focus at about the time the storyline does..its great.!! *HIGH*LY RECOMENDED!!!
  5. Its a toss-up between Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Clockwork Orange.
  6. my Grateful Dead concerts... best on shrooms or boomers, but still good while stoned!
  7. The best movie to see stoned is Requiem For a Dream. u gotta see it

  8. That is one fucked up movie. From Hell is right there with fucked up movies, it's excellent.

    I watch movies all the time when stoned and love them all, it's so hard to choose! :/

    But one movie that keeps coming back to me as BEST WHILE STONED, has got to be The Big Lebowski. The Dude reminds me of so many people I know in 20 years it's uncanny.
  9. i like evil dead too. army of darkness was one of the first movies i actually bought.

    i watch way too many movies that i can't remember. "the wife, the fish, and the watchmaker" (or something like that anyway) was good. i've watched it a few times, and can only remember bits and pieces, but it is good none the less. lol

    right now "the fast and the furious" and "MIB 2" are my choices right now for high movies - only cause i just watched them. lol :D

    for scary movies - event horizon, from hell, the mothman prophecies, joyride, the others, session 9 (really fucked up movie)

    like i said, i watch way too many movies :)
  10. WOW!! 13 ghosts is trippy as HELL when your high, or drunk for that matter....wow imma watch that movie in a sec. it kicks ASS!lol
  11. I WAS SO FUCKING SCARED...after that movie...had to go outside, in the dark..i prolly wouldnt have been as scared if i was high..no..wait..i would have...i think im gonna order vanilla sky today, and watch it again

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