fave genres to listen to?

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  1. everyone hear seems to be on about rock and maybe the occasional reggae refernece. all kinds of music can be good to listen to through our fave herb...

    my fave genres include

    Classical (J.Strauss, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Tchikovski, Handel, Brahms, Bizet)

    Quality modern Dance/Club music. Trance, Drum&Bass, and generally anything a bit more psychadelic & funky. the more trancey the better.

    Techno. (true good techno isn't necesarily dance music, I'm talking about things like Boards of Canada and Autchre)

    Prog Rock. and other quality rock too.

    Jazz. the good stuff. i'm talking dixieland. Louis Armstrong is the man!

    Experimental stuff. I love just listening to the weird stuff made by me & my mates on Computers, bongos, 303s, guitars, keyboards and even little programes like that music 2000 thing u could use on a Playstation.
  2. i love ANY music that is good but...

    classic rock is my heart and soul, especially that which is entwined with blues, such as zeppelin & the doors... there is something about music from the 60s/70s that just enchants me and "takes me back" to a time i only know through multimedia and stories from friends. i truly feel i was born in the wrong decade!

    other than that entire genre... i like bands like sublime, 311, tool, APC, godsmack... not sure what they fall into but i'm more picky with "current" music.

    and your pick of classical, well that has always been a favorite for me too but i realize short of mozart's requeium(can NOT spell that word for sh!t!) i haven't listened to much lately. thanks for the inspiration! :)

    oh, and FYI, i was once one of those lil jungle bunnys who listened to nothing but drum n bass... the dark slammin bassline-heavy tracks provided from the likes of tech itch, dom & roland and optical used to make me go nuts. crazy huh? :D
  3. mostly listen to metal, hardcore, and reggae

    reggae bounty killer, peter tosh, marley

    metal fear factory, cradle of filth, skinlab

    hardcore hayebreed, poison the well, bloodjinn

    other gorrilaz, 311, afroman kottonmouth kings
  4. a child of a music lover, so am i.

    classic rock first and foremost. doors, jimi, floyd, beatles, petty, led zep, etc, etc.

    i like jazz, blues, regge, cuban, mexican, spanish, celtic, etc, etc when the mood calls for it - like at a dinner party.

    new music like godsmack, sevendust, gorlliaz, puddle of mudd, nickleback, etc, etc

    i like beetoben (horrible sp) when i've got lots of bass to crank it with. nothing like crusing the highway, or cleaning to a thunderous orcestra.

    liking lots of music makes it easy to get along with people.
  5. I dig mostly all the old punk, and a lot of the new. I don't get into much classical, but jazz is great...I'm a drummer and we play a little of everything...jazz mixed w/ punk or 80's metal for example... so I can get into about anything...For some reason though, country music just plain SUX! Well, that was my 2cents.
  6. i like us bombs, the clash, bob marley, sublime, peter tosh, morgan heritage, tiger army, social distortion, long beach dub allstars. so basically some punk, reggae, ska-ish, and psychobilly
  7. im just reading all diss...but rap hip hop n all datt urban minority influenced music stays on that minority tip on here doesnt it??=( i love underground hip hop especially the ones frum kali like PSYCHO REALM all that gangsta lowridin stuuf thats portrayed on TV (2 give most of u a picture)is also phat maybe its cause im mexican..i should start saying WASSUP EZE or HOMES to make a voice for us all....back to smoking...

    GROW ON-peace out
  8. Well... I like Digit like a bit of Bhrams and Wagner and also Samuel Barber's adadgio for strings (which william orbit fucked up royally)

    I also love some good old and new punk- the clash, consumed

    I also love some accoustic stuff- particularly radiohead's older stuff. STOP WHISPERING IS THE MOST UPLIFTING SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD AND I RECCOMEND THAT YOU GET IT NOW!!!

    I also listen to some stuff from the 60's not really pop more the doors and hendrix etc.


  9. YES MASTER...lol dude by any chance would it be the american version acoustic live or annythang in particular like someting specific i mean i kno its radioheads but like they have like 20 different types lol its confusing!! well hit it up dude..back to smoking mah commersh...

    GROW ON-peace out
  10. The Pablo Honey one is the only one I've ever heard- but it's all good... It's the greatest song ever...
  11. I'm really into the Jamband scene.... love the Grateful Dead! also Phish, Disco Biscuits, Keller W, SCI, Ratdog, Umphrey's Mcgee, Addison Groove Project, Phil Lesh & Friends, Jazz is Dead, moe., Strangefolk, Galactic, etc.

    Reggae's great too.. Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru, Bounty Killer, Burning Spear, others.

    from the 60's and 70's... GD, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, CSNY, Procol Harum, Mountain, Pink Floyd, Allman Bros. Band, Jefferson Airplane, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Moody Blues, & MANY others

    I cant really dig the rap music, techno, or almost anything played on MTV... it's just pure crap! IMHO

    P Funk, Curtis Mayfield, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane.... i'd better stop now or i might never.... oops
    maybe you cant tell, but i really dig music...

  12. i like all sorts of music but i like these the best

    techno,prodigy,fatboy slim, whoever created the mortal kombat main song
    rap,dead prez,icp,ja rule
    reggae,marley of course
    soft rock, phish greatful dead
    rock, led zepplin black sabbath korn slipknot and the greatest group alive The White Stripes
  13. hmm mainly punk, alkaline trio, green day, the queers, minor threat. then some classic rock, zeppelin, hendrix, doors

    then some newer rock nirvana, pearl jam, korn

    then some uhh ska, op ivy, big d and the kids table, streetlight manifesto

    regea, bob marely ziggy all shit man i listen to it all then rap lke twista, ludacris, jay z, 50
  14. Extreme metal and gangsta rap.
  15. Leftover Crack is pretty intense to listen to for the first time when you're stoned. Also the Clash is awesome. Pink Floyd and classic rock is good for a little bit, but after a while I just need to go back to some punk rock.
  16. My mp3 folder has a wide variety but I mostly listen to Industrial.
  17. i like older punk like 70s and 80s shit
    underground hip-hop, like sage frrancis,aesop, and prettymuch anyone else signed to anticon label
    i like all that older ska that shit is great, and some new ska
    reggae thats the good shit
    what else some older rock the doors are pretty bomb
    i like super crazy music too, like sitars and all those weird instriments, that shit is great i like a lot more but thats about all i can think of right now, peace.
  18. My favorite Genre is deffinatly Metal, my two favorite bands over all genres are both metal bands namely: Avenged Sevenfold and System Of A Down

    I also love reggae, bands such as: Sublime, kottonmouth kings and artists such as Bob Marley e.c.t

    I like OLD SKOOL hip hop .. the new skool shit is mostly crap

    And more .. i dont really frown at much music .. just the crappy drum n bass chav shit

    EDIT: oh yea .. i totally forgot i really like punk. .. Left over crack, the distillers .. e.c.t

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