fav candy!

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  1. wut is your fav candy?!?!

    am eating a blow pop right now .25 at the gas place down the street :smoke:
  2. lindor truffles, white chocolate ones.
  3. lol, peep. all ways good.. wut ever happened to the white ones??
  4. I googled "Why were white peeps discontinued" And it asked me: "Did you mean: Why were white people discontinued" I don't know whether to laugh or D:
  5. nomnomnom. could eat these all day.


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  6. ^ just to add something similar (not really)


    btw, image dimensions were 420x420 hehe


  7. Those are fucking amazing, too. :smoke:
  8. Anything chocolate, like peanut-butter cups or some really nice dark chocolate. Anyone from NYC if you know verzanos ?
  9. Those blue sour ribbon things in candy stores
  10. chocolate all day!!! does anyone know thos zero bars?? thos are good too.
  11. sour strip? like in the BIG box??
  12. mambas!!!
    shits dope
  13. oh shit! is it hm?
  14. [​IMG]
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    I officially love you haha!
  16. mr. big
  17. Snickers Peanut Butter.

    I can't get enough of them. I like even more that my trusty Payday now.

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