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  1. Just sort of curious.... I was out gettin my drink on last night and thought 2 myself wonder what beverage my fellow blades enjoy washin away the sand mouth with... I Drink alot of Chimay Red label.. but I like all the trappist beers.. I also drink alot of the sammy smiths tadcaster.. and most cream stouts.. what about the rest of the city..
  2. I'm not a big fan of beer, my two fav drinks = captain/jack D

    Last night me and 4 other people shared 60 test tube shots haha amongst other drinks and smokage it rocked :smoke:
  3. mine favorite beer is stella artois
  4. white Russians are dank too. but as far as beer gotta go with chimay. anyone else ever drink a trappist?? also what s the american beer opinion?? I think we (Americans) make an inferior beer. not to say all americans beer sux. Rogue, yingling, and a few others r good, but 4 the most part domestic beer is not that great.
  5. Eh, I like to switch around a lot. Yeungling Black&Tans, Guinnes Draught, Corona Extra, 10 Oz Buds....

    I pretty much love all beer, I could never pick just one favorite.

    And about the 10 oz Buds, does anyone else drink those? Have you even heard of them? They are super popular in my county, but any time I go out of state and ask for one, people look at me weird.
  6. red stripe, tastes great, cool nifty bottle, commercials are choice

    but i like molson alot, molson and honey brown, and vermont long trail, occasionally corona, and other decent beers...its 10:30 which is too early for a beer...damn

    if i want to go back to memories i get PBR...thats all we drank in high school...all night long, drinkin beer smokin fatties, and chasin women....:cool: (okay, so maybe my girl was there smokin the fatties and drinkin the beers too...dont mean i wasnt lookin)
  7. heineken, isn't that everyones favourite?
  8. My favorite brew is a local microbrew from a pub called vinos..

    but otherwise its Blue Moon for taste

    Bud Select to drink and get drunk
  9. Blue Moon
  10. Tuborg, Carlsberg and Heineken.
  11. Tuborgs are better than one.

    I alternate beers alot too, mostly bewteen budweiser, Canadian, and Alexander Keiths, domestic beer is hella cheaper. When I'm feeling like a million dollars ill buy a 24 of Heine
  12. Yuengling, dunno how to spell it, but that's good beer.
  13. blue moon ftw especially at the bar when they put the half slice of an orange off the top of the glass.
  14. sam adams, newcastle, blue moon, yuengling, heineken:yay:

    locally-blue point brewery

    when i went to amsterdam they had this tasty ass beer called Wieckse Witte, they dont have them here in the US though
  15. Yes! I just tried Magic Hat last night and it was some of the BEST beer I've ever had. Oh man #9 was good.

    I'm also a big fan of Molson, Stella Artois, and Sam Adams.
  16. Corona is my fav hands down.
  17. oh beer... my other good friend....

    i love the british bitters and ales... got hooked on em when i was over there...

    Old Speckled hen, 6X, London Pride, Green King, Morrisons, to name a few
    and of course I love the stouts... guinness, Murphy's, etc...

    as for in the states, I'll always stick by a bottle of Sam adams, molson, blue moon...

    peace all
  18. Carlsburg Elephant, Cooper&Sons Ale, Molson Ale, Corona, Dead Guy Ale...I'm noticing a pattern here. I seem to like Ale a lot!

    But I think I like the Hemp Ale the best! Mendocino Brewers!
  19. Usually Heineken or Boulevard Wheat.

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