Faux Punk

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  1. I've been a long time Daft Punk fan, love almost everything they've done (speaking of, if you haven't seen Interstella 5555, go watch it...now).

    Anyways this weekend I had an opportunity to buy tickets to see a band called Faux Punk; they call themselves "The Ultimate Daft Punk Tribute."

    I guess Daft Punk is totally chill with these guys remixing their music and from what I've read online they're not bad at all. I can't imagine Daft Punk would let them play their music if they butchered it at every performance.

    My question is, have any of you out there in the City seen Faux Punk or heard of them before? If so, reports?
  2. Definately a music forum thread.
  3. I love daft punk and I missed there show in coney island I guess there just as good, too bad there's no upcoming shows by me
  4. Yeah you're right I'm not sure what I was thinking. Thanks for moving it over.

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