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    hey blades, long time smoker, first time grower here. im running just 2 cfls in my attic, but I'm only trying one plant. so far things havent gone so good. I put it in a shot glass and let it sit in the dark for 2 days, and it finally sprouted. I put it in some soil in one of those pots that roots grow through, and let it sit in the dark with plastic wrap over the top. within a day it was out of the soil, looking for light. I didnt expect it to sprout that fast, and was unprepared with the lights, so i just stuck it under a 100w soft white regular(not a cfl or anything fancy) bulb until i could get the lights setup the next day. Now sometime during that day the bulb broke. like, shattered to pieces. I have no clue how or what happened, but it was a mess. Im guessing that little bit of darkness made it stretch out so much. also, that green thing was a bug I found in the dirt today. not sure if I should be worried. also, I would dig a little deeper and bury the stem, but the stem is so damn weak it wont do anything. I put it in soil the 11/11/11 running the lights 24/7. I cut the air duct from the room below and have a steady stream of 75 degree air gently blowing it. oh and Im going to lowes today to get one of those big shop lights, so I can get the lights closer.

    feel free to comment/correct me on anything im doing wrong

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