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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by HIGH IQ, May 16, 2010.

  1. My grandmother experiences large amounts of fatigue. She doesnt know what to do.

    I recommended MMJ.

    She needs motivation, and to lessen the fatigue.

    First of all, can MMJ do this? I know it can help her depression.

    and if it can, what strain?

    Would really like to get my grandmother to back weed. Would be the shit.
  2. Hi hon, first off has she seen a doctor lately? Fatigue can be caused by many different things- some of them are very serious. A relative of mine went into the hospital for fatigue- he died soon after of leukemia. :(

    Other questions- Is she cold a lot, but can't take the heat, either? Is her hair getting thinner? Maybe gaining a little weight even dieting? If she has these problems, she needs to get her thyroid checked! Being on a proper dose of thyroid can make a BIG difference! (And in spite of what the doctors say, natural thyroid IS better!)

    I wouldn't go with a pure indica- she'd "couch-lock" on you for sure! :p I'd try a sativa dominant, but not a real strong one at first. Ease her into it with a "lower quality" variety- they tend to be higher in CBD, a calming cannabinoid. Since I don't know the strains in your area, I can't really recommend one. :confused:

    You might let her take a look at my list (linked in my sig, or use the facebook). She might have an idea what's wrong, but hasn't discussed it with you. I'm in my 60s and don't tell my kids, or even the hubby, all the medical details!

    Granny :wave:
  3. She goes to the doctor regularly. Shes now 70 years old as of last month.

    I would say the only thing I really notice is how much coffee she drinks.

    She almost isnt ever without a cup.

    I told her that might be throwing off her sleep schedule which makes her tired but she is old and set in her ways.

    Ive got her interested in the MMJ. So I figure if I give her a cookie or something, it might just let that final wall down.
  4. marijuana will only give her more fatigue... and probably make her tired, especially at her tolerance level.

  5. Maybe an indica would. But im aware of some sativas that are like stimulants to people.
  6. Long freaking article:

    Unexplained Fatigue in the Elderly

    The main causes of fatigue that MMJ may help are depression, chronic pain, and some sleep disorders. It may also help with "frailty" (wasting syndrome) by improving appetite and reducing inflammation.
    But her doctor should be looking into potential causes of fatigue more aggressively.
  7. Honestly its probably the coffee, and some old age.

    Shes pretty set in her ways on that. I think shes addicted to the caffeine as well.
  8. Everyone who uses caffeine regularly is physically dependent on it. Just try to stop and enjoy the headache:D

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