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  1. I've been celebrating Mardi Gras Day in Virginia. I picked up my raspberry filled King Cake from the bakery this morning. First slice was mine and I got the baby! The raspberry was a good choice.

    My friend Evan and I smoked a very nice Indica hash rosin called Purple Octane X Jealousy and played Dominoes with friends.
    It's been a nice day. 70 and sunny. Good company. Good food. There's lots more hash rosin.

    I'm planning a Lenten T break. I'm not religious. It's just a convenient time and time frame. It's 46 days instead of 40, which is a bit long, but I'll see how it goes. This is my third year taking a break, but I've not made it until Easter so far. One year Covid interrupted and made a tolerance break seem unimportant. The next year I had reasons to stop. I'd like to complete 40 days, anyway.

    One reason I might not make 46 days is if my mood begins to be impacted and my wife asks me to smoke. Smoking helps keep my bipolar 2 moods in check, but I rely on big pharma, too, so won't be unmedicated. Happy wife, happy life, especially since she only asks me to smoke, never not to smoke.

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  2. Two days down.
    A tolerance break is not making sense anymore, but I knew I would feel this way.
    I'm sleeping well with a bit of big pharma help, and having no trouble with appetite. I have lost three lbs due to not having the munchies. I don't mind losing a bit of weight though I'm not trying to.
    Attitude sucks though. I fussed at a guy at the gym this morning when normally I might be pissed at what he did, but would suck it up. We ended up being friends, but it was rough for a few minutes.
    The wife is still on board.
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  3. Good luck...I can't even remember the last time I took a break.:coolalt:
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  4. I'm not familiar with catholicism, so Lent and fat Tuesday is out of my wheelhouse. Not sure what all goes on.
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  5. @Duft , I'm what my brother calls a collapsed catholic. I'm more of a Fat Tuesday person than a lent person.
    The best thing about being catholic is you can be forgiven for anything.

    I just need a tolerance break and this is a good time to do it.
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  6. I'm a failed Christian, I try to do the right things when it comes to others but I always seem to get kicked in the face by life. I'm tired of it...
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  7. I feel the same way, but I try and still do the right thing. The benefits may not happen overnight, but it builds up in the long run and when a time comes for you to get kicked in the face? Life will look out for you and stop it…
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    Tolerance break continues, I'm four days in. I played poker last night and cannabis has always been a big part of that. I took a couple of CBD joints so I could smoke with my friends.
    I think smoking the CBD helps. I've got to find some more. I still have some CBD wax I dab here and there. It satisfies my cravings somewhat. A joint enhances many things I do. It's frequently my motivator, On cleaning days I start with a dooble and then find myself cleaning happily.
    I make edibles for a friend who uses cannabis for sleep. I usually make her Snickerdoodles and won't be able to do my usual quality and strength tests this time.

    I realize this is all pretty silly, but I like smoking pot and my tolerance is so high I barely feel the high. My wife will say I'm really high, but I don't even realize I am high. Cannabis is a big part of my day and I miss it. I'm sleeping well with an antidepressant and my appetite is good. I have lost a few lbs as I haven't had the munchies. I've had one anger outburst and any more will signal the end of this break.
  9. Well it's kind of a viscious cycle. You try to do the right thing, life starts going good, then BAM! You get bitch slapped by the world. But if you 'keep your eyes open' for something bad to happen, it kinda always does.
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  10. Kind of like attracting negative and dark energy. Calling for it

    one priest said it well. (May not agree and all but still)
    Basically by watching horror
    Movies we are opening that door, that world, that dimension, into our souls

    not necessary horror movies but I would guess anything negative.

    So yea ur right do t think negative thoughts. Think positive more often and more positive things will come

    is that because you are seeing the positives more and not paying attention to the negatives as much
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  11. I believe in the power of positive thinking, but it's not a panacea for all hardships.
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  12. Had to send the wife to the hospital via ambulance this morning when she passed out in the bathroom after a shower. She checked out OK, they didn't find a reason for the episode. She's being worked up by cardiology for these episodes and in fact missed her stress test this morning because of her syncopal episode. The worst of it is she hurt her good knee and is now hobbling around with a cane. That said, we were still very lucky that she didn't hit her head when she fell. She's home in the recliner icing her knee. I dabbed some CBD, lol.

    I'm still on a tolerance break.
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  13. Let's hope it doesn't happen again, all the best with your break. I'm quitting for a year or two while I'm living with my parents. Dad needs help/company at home so my situation changed.
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  14. I'm ten days in and still on my break. Dabbing CBD here and there. The CBD doesn't get me high, of course, but it scratches an itch.

    I have to say this break is making less and less sense, but I knew I'd feel this way and had hoped I'd be able to stick with it. Though sticking with it when it doesn't make sense anymore doesn't make sense. I must be basically acting OK as the wife hasn't told me to take a hit yet.

    The wife iced her knee for a couple of days and took some time off from the gym and the knee is OK. No further syncope, thank goodness.

    @SkunkRoller, good luck with your Dad. I'm glad you can be there for him. My brother stepped up and took care of our Mom when she became ill and was getting confused. That was a real gift, he's an awesome guy. Sounds like you are, too.
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  15. 12 days in. Just bought some CBD Concentrate from Tweedle Farms. Found a 30% off coupon and shipping is reasonable.
    Lemon Drop - High CBD Wax • 1 gram • 96.7% Total Cannabinoids
    LDROPTFCON 1 $29.99 USD $29.99 USD
    Granddaddy Purple - Terpsolate • 1 gram • 96.8% Total Cannabinoids
    GDPTFCON 1 $19.99 USD $19.99 USD
    Free Gift • 1.5g of Hemp Flower

    They claim extremely low levels, if any THC, but won't guarantee you can still pass a drug test. I thought that was interesting.

    I have some homemade CBD tincture I had forgotten about and am gonna use some of that.
  16. I gave up my break after 14 days. I'm not going to try next year. I was feeling evil and am much calmer and happier post hash rosin.
  17. " How come I always get in trouble just when I'm trying to be so good?" D Bromberg
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