Fat People , Illness or Lazyness

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  1. lil rant comin on

    does anyone else think its messed up how fat people get , like whats your excuse for that? how can you seriously move so little and eat so much to the extent that people do now a days..... and even still if you get FAT ENOUGH they let your park in handi-cap spots and ride around on a lil scooter.... WHAT THE HELL they should have fat people spots at the BACK of the parking lot. i mean i take a walk every morning and i eat normal sized servings opposed to "american" sized servings and i am fit as a dandelion , why is it so hard for people out there?! i mean... ya eat alil less.... and ya move alil more..... fuckin come on...

    now im not a mean guy i understand alil chub but i just think there is a point your so fat its just immoral.... its a character flaw as much as a physical flaw
  2. For some people its an illness, and i feel bad for them, but if people are fat because they ate too many cheeseburgers and dont want to move around, they shouldnt get special treatments. A couple years ago i asked a hobo to buy me a pack of smokes and we started talking about how fat people are a plague, and hes ranting about how people have to spend money to keep the fat people alive ( funny that a hobo should say that ). I have a friend who is fat for genetic reasons, its not his fault. I knew a kid who was fat cause he ate too much kimchi, i didnt feel bad for him, i even made fun of him for that lol.
  3. I hate seeing fat/chubby girls with nice faces, such a waste.
  4. tbh being fat cant be an illness. If it was, why is it only now we are seeing fat people? Due to our increasingly unhealthy diets along with all the things that make us lazier we are seeing fatter and fatter people. Normally these people would die but we do our best to keep them alive (if they have the money).
  5. trust me its lazyness, i should know
    my senior year i wieghed 260 and i was a lazy motherfucker and ate all day
    wouldnt wannna do shit
    I realised if i kept it up i would never be able to enjoy life to its fullest
    so i joined the gym and in 4 months have been able to lose 46 lbs
    im 214 now , and according to doctor i went down from 36% body fat to 24% ! :)
    i mean i still plan losing probably to 184 lbs ( my goal) since i have a large frame i think it would be a good size for me. But yeah ive gained a nice amount of muscle and feel better.

    But back to the eating part its like a loop sorta effect. When your fat u dont feel sexually attractive. Therefore you kinda get depressed and eat alot since you think of yourself as no one coud ever like. So you eat get fatter, think the former,eat more get fatter and fatter and fatter. It may sound ridiculous but eating does console you.
    its hard to explain.

    wish me luck tho on gettin fit
    P.s when i reach my goal would anyone one want to see the before and after pics for fun?
    I might make a thread
  6. People are just lazy.
  7. Here's some motivation for you fatties!!! You don't have to be overweight


    It's not impossible.
  8. but its also not a walk in the park lol
  9. Honestly, diet is a huge part of it. Huge.

    If you keep a good diet, and actually stick to it, you will lose fat.


    4 years ago, I seriously had a pot belly.
  10. Im working on killing my beer gut
  11. I think it's mostly laziness. It's a shame really.
  12. 70% laziness - 30% job related.

    It is a catch22 as another poster mentioned. Also, if you work a desk job like I do you tend to be in the habbit of not moving around much. I also find that with desk jobs my head will get tired and even though my body might be able to handle exercise I mentally cannot, this is mainly due to working 16hr days though.

    So yeah, laziness and diet are to me the most obvious.

    sbrown: Care to post your diet that you did to lose weight?

    Oh, what are good munchies to eat too, that is usually the killer for me. Working late and smoking = take out more often than not.
  13. Bahahaha sbrowns abs are back. Give it a rest man jeez.

    Genetics definitely play a role. I eat like a fat person and I'm lazy like a fat person, but I'm 6'4 185 lbs.
  14. :eek: is that really you?! You were fat? :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  15. in 9th grade i weighed 25 pounds more than i do now at 20 years old. obviously fat can be healed
  16. 99% of the time, they choose to be fat, one way or the other. I still cannot fathom how anyone can go through life being obese. Not only is it unhealthy and dangerous, but it's straight up embarrassing.

  17. Fuuuuuuuuuck, WTF? Damn...jesus..:eek: some damn good inspiration right there.
  18. I feel the same as you. If you notice that you're packing on the pounds shouldn't that be you're cue to change your lifestyle?

    Seeing this guys videos on youtube really opened my eyes to how some pathetic some people can be. I just don't get like you said how someone could go through life like that. I was disgusted when I saw his videos, but he seems to have a bunch of mental issues or something.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9EulJ9_3Xs]YouTube - FatBoyGetDown shaking his money maker[/ame]
  19. The last few years, studies have shown that there are people who, due to genetics regarding the hypothalamus, can't lose weight. Also, during infancy, the body has the ability to actually make more fat cells, while after infancy, weight is put on by the fat cells increasing in size and weight is lost by the fat cells decreasing in size.
    I was fed a lot as a baby. Hispanic parents tend to treat their male sons, especially the first and last born, like princes and since hispanics are used to seeing children hungry and starving in their mother countries, getting their children fat while young makes sense to them.
    When I was a freshmen in highschool, I weight 350 lbs. I could only bench press 180 and I could only squat 220 lbs.
    When I became a senior, I weighed 335 lbs and I could bench press 325 lbs and squat 550 lbs though I was still very heavy set. I played football and obviously made for a great lineman. I workout 6/7 days a week, I do cardio and truly excessive weight training but I just can't burn the fat. Because of certain circumstances, I often only eat 2 meals a day. 1 day out of the week, I'll eat 5 small meals, 2 days out of the week, i'll eat 4 meals, the other 5 days are 1-3 meals. I consider myself fat as hell because I can't seem to burn off the fat but I can't lose the muscle either so I look bulkier than I would had I not been so strong. You can literally feel the body of a Greek god under my fat so it's kinda depressing to have such an amazing body under so many pounds of disgrace.
    Although I have noticed that when I take fiber, which is about 8/12 months, I lose some weight and I notice myself getting a little smaller. I assume this is due to the food not being entirely processed by my body so I don't get all the nutrients and fat I should be getting.
  20. ^Damn dude I hope you weren't offended by my post.

    It's still inexcusable for most people today though. Humans are the smartest, but sometimes stupidest species. We know how you should try and keep in decent shape but a ton of people don't.

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