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Fat or alcohol

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by yosarian, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. If thc is in suspension does it prefer to bond to fats or alcohol?
  2. Absolutely fats.
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  3. Bonding implies a chemical reaction.
    There is no bonding between thc and either alcohol or oil.
    The confusion stems from the fact that oil and alcohol both can dissolve thc, but water can't.
    What is called "bonding" is really the dissolving of cannabinoids.

    At the thc concentrations that most people would like inside capsules (to avoid having to take too many), oil doesn't dissolve thc as well as 190 proof ethanol.

    The only certain way to use 100% of the available thc is to use oil to dissolve cannabinoids in ground cannabis, then don't strain.
    But many people are bothered by herb material or its taste, and in that case the most efficient method is to make strained alcohol tincture.
    The tincture can be made more concentrated by removing some of the alcohol, or it can be made into a more pleasing oil tincture by removing all the alcohol, and replacing a small portion of it with oil.
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  4. The 2 solvents carrying cannabinoids will interact with the body in very different ways IME.
    Alcohol = Tincture is usually absorbed by the oral tissues and enters the body as Delta-9-THC like smoking does.
    Fats-Oil = Is mostly swallowed where entering the Liver it changes to the far stronger 11-Hydroxy-THC

    Milligram for milligram the swallowed oil will hit 5x harder and last 10 times longer.

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  5. Great information. Thanks for that distinction between dissolving and bonding. Let me ask this. If equal parts oil and alcohol were mixed with dissolved THC and then separated by freezing the oil, which would contain the THC? I ask because I make oil for a friend to control chronic pain by micro-dosing infused oil (she prefers).I use a French press to strain off the plant matter but was being AR about getting every last drop of oil. And so I poured alcohol in with the strained herb and popped it in the freezer. This pushed all the minute amounts of oil trapped in the plant matter to the top, the alcohol stayed at the bottom and I got a better return. But I wondered if there is thc now left in the alcohol.

  6. Both the oil and alcohol will contain thc in proportion to how well each dissolves thc.
    A significant fraction of the original thc probably remains in the strained out sludge, because strained oil recipes are typically 30-80% efficient, and many people re-process the sludge.
    Although it's probably a lot of work, repeating your alcohol wash/freeze a few more times could recover almost all the thc from the oil sludge.

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