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  1. So I heard of two sick growing techniques. I was wondering if anyone had experience with either...the first is when at harvest time...you chop and start curing the bigs nugs first (bc they mature first) and leave te small nugs on the plant to finish for another week.....the second technique that is unrelated is you stab the bass of the plant, and once you have a tiny slot you stick a sharpened Popsicle stick (or a piece of thin clean wood) and what it does is it thinks the plant is under attack and sends a wave of nutrients and stuff which in turn goes right to the nugs. You move the wood around here and there....any insight would be nice thanks.
  2. I have never heard that.
  3. Jorge Cervantes said it in his video. Thanks for the educated and necessary response

  4. I use the first method you mention (I also have a couple experienced growers try it after I mentioned it and they have stuck with it). IME, I flower for 10-11 weeks. In week 9 or 10 I cut the most swollen tops and let the rest go for another week. I have found this adds about 1 ounce per plant (at least with the size of plant I aim for). My grow buddies also believe this to be true.

    Your second method is called "crucifying" (akin to jesus getting a nail in the hand). I haven't done this personally, but know one grower who does this in veg and claims it helps with lateral branching and bushiness. She uses a nail, and just punches through it, I assume would would help it heal better. Personally, I selectively crush stems of dominant tops (about 3-4 nodes down from the tip) in veg to train bushiness. I don't think I would do this in flower though, it seems a little stressful...
  5. Thanks a lot man will def do first technique. I was guna do the second but since im outdoor I worry about infections and stress. Maybe save that one for next year

  6. Infection is what I would worry about too...

    Crushing tips can do enough damage to lead to infection as well, but I try not to break them really bad, doesn't always work out that way...
  7. I usually harvest the top colas first, and leave the bottoms for a week or so, hoping to gain some extra color or weight or smell or anything... for me, anyway, they just sit there looking pitiful.
    I would think for it to be most effective, you would have to reverse the flush process & start adding more bloom nutes for it to work. After the flush there's nothing left to increase bud bulk.
    Hate trimming all those popcorn buds... but the wife is amazing at it. And by the time they are cured & smoked, I honestly can't tell a difference.
    If it works for anyone else, I'm happy for you. Won't hurt a bit to give it a try, but I've done it for years & never got any measurable increase in the bottom buds after the majority of plant structure (top buds) has been removed.

    Now about that crucifying thing, I'd have to agree with AgMan. This sounds like it would accomplish the same as supercropping, or as we called it in the olden days, snapping. Meant for the veg cycle & theoretically increases the plants ability to uptake nutes. Mos'Def' effective as supercropping to generate more top nodes.
    But at the end of flowering? Doubt it, but what the hell, the worst it canm do is kill them and you're ready to harvest anyway...

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