Fat kid fights back against bullies - messes them up

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  1. A 16-year-old Australian boy, Casey Heynes, who has been picked on his entire life for his weight, finally had enough when another kid started punching him in the face, and his WWE-worthy response was captured on video and posted to YouTube and Facebook, where kudos and support for the way he fought back have been pouring in.

    Kansas City News | fox4kc.com | FOX 4 -- WDAF

    EDIT - They won't let me embed it
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  2. haaha that was nice
  3. ahahahha this is my favourite video ever.
  4. holy shit that kid is awesome.

    those others kids are assholes.

    kids are fucking cruel. =/
  6. I know videos of violence are against the rules but this is an special circumstance

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  7. Hopefully that kid learned a valuable lesson.
  8. I'm sure that punk won't be messing with the big kid anymore
  9. I watched this video on break today and now I'm seeing it EVERYWHERE.

    This has got to be on Tosh.0 soon. The little bitch that got his ass handed to him should get a web redemption lul.
  10. Saw that earlier, good for both those kids.
  11. [​IMG]

    Undertaker finds this thread worthy.. :hello:
  12. I can definitely relate to that kid. I was fat throughout almost all my school years, and was picked on in elementary and early middle school. One day I just snapped and beat the living fuck out of this kid who was talking smack to me.

    Got suspended for a week, but I was respected in that school after that.:devious:

    The fat kids are usually much stronger than you expect. I'm not fat anymore, but underneath the fat there is considerable muscle mass from having to move that extra weight around. A bit of adrenaline and that extra weight means shit.
  13. Hahaha that little kid looked like a mouse
  14. I was bigger then that kid. I wrestled in the 215lb and 285lb weight classes in high school. No skinny little guy would ever fuck with me like that though. I did the same thing so many times, though I perfered to lift them above my head before throwing them.
  15. That made me smile!:D
  16. :hello: ya think someone learned a lesson today?!
  17. Hah that little bitch got fucked up.
  18. I lol'd hard as fuck, I did not expect that, holy shit
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