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Fat ass slaps his(or her? cant really tell.) mom

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by supersmokin, May 17, 2010.

  1. lets be honost, anyone wearing a pink polo is a deuch
  2. Holy shit. My mom woulda beat my ass just for talking to her like that. I never wouldve had the oppurtunity to slap her lol When he told her to "shut up, let me speak" i wouldve gotten to shut up before i got my shit rocked. She shouldnt have even been having that discusion with him, she doesnt have to explain herself to him. Parents are so worried about being liked by their kids, they forget to be parents. You can be your kids friend when theyre older. And i cant believe he had the audacity to say shes not the boss of him. I told my mom she wasnt the boss of me one time when i was around 8. Turns out i was wrong lol
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    When i was 11 i hit my mother once in the arm when we go into a fight. She took a steel-toed boot and smacked me over the head as hard as she could. Man, i went down so hard, haha left a hell of a mark for like a week. Most people today scream about physical discipline calling it child abuse and what-not, but fuck that, its called GOOD PARENTING. I have never since raised my hand against a woman and i NEVER will.
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    If that was my child, I would knock him the fuck out, I mean a full fledged Lyoto Machida roundhouse kick to the skull. Hopefully he will come to consciousness within the next hour and have neck problems for a few weeks. If I ever did that to my mom, my dad would have knocked the shit out of me, granted I've never been hit by my parents, but I've had my ass whipped plenty of times when I was a child.

    It makes me angry that these parents don't do anything about it. This has probably gone on all his life, he needs to be shown who is really in charge.
  5. "it left a mark for about 20 minutes" hahahahahahah
  6. I once told my mom I didnt love her before going to bed. I said something along the lines of "I hate you". Well my dad didnt take it as a joke and he put my ass outside for an hr in the middle of the winter.

    It was the last time I ever said that to my mom.
  7. I don't see why u can't hit Your child anymore, I mean in some cases it's the only way. What the fuck is he going to learn from sitting down and eating tea and fucking crumpets....NOTHING.
    Smack that kid in his ass and you can count on him to never do that again. Humans react beat to pain.
    I'm no saying that this method should be used on everyone, but sometimes it's the only way.

    Did anyone notice they were fighing about the kid nudging his mom and her nudging him back. WTF who cares it's a nudge.
  8. thanks. my new sig :)
  9. I've seen this before, and although slapping may have been a bit much, the kid did a great job of articulating the importance of equality and moral standards. All this poor kid wants is for someone to listen to him, not bend over backwards, but just listen. She doesn't even have the integrity to do that, and expects him to put up with being treated like a pack mule.

    This is a natural result of what happens when parents don't give a shit about their childrens' basic emotional needs.

  10. And you honestly think that was ok? To put a small child out IN THE FREEZING COLD FOR AN HOUR?!

    If that is ok, then shouldn't it also be ok for me to tie a woman to a chair and beat her with a belt? I mean, as long as I'm doing it so she'll love me.
  11. Thank you. this is exactly what I was trying to say. To the person who said that parents can be their child's friend when they are older, if my mom wasn't MY friend when I was around his age I would be pretty depressed. Even my mom doesn't like me? Ohh shit I'd be depressed as hell. And angry. The reason kids join gangs are because of parental neglect. I remember when I was his age and my mom would always interrupt me thinking she was right when I didn't even have the chance to speak, which always pissed me off. Whatever though, thats childhood for you.

  12. Respect is a two way street, you have to show it to get it. Its obvious that this kid is not ignored or abused in any way, just spoiled rotten.
  13. never hit my mum or dad...who the fuck does that, i got annoyed just listening to him moaning and whining, he needs some respect

    smacking him wont do any good he just needs to realise he's putting hands on his own mother. he'll watch that vid one day and feel like shit

    ..i hope

    if i did that to my mum she'd slap me back, my mums feisty...she never has though. love my mum too much :smoking:

  14. Not being your childs friend and ignoring them are completely different. You can have fun with your kids and enjoy their company, joke around and be friendly but when its time to be a parent, you need to step up and do your job.
  15. I'd beat the shit out of my son for being like that, at least I know my kid won't fail at life.
  16. I'm gonna go way out on a limb here and guess that you're not a parent.

    For example, if you're waiting until the age of 5 to teach your kids that sitting on your ass every day all day is not healthy, then you're in for a rude awakening.

    If you actually think that forcing a kid to do things they don't like to do from time to time does not emulate the real world and therefore is a GOOD THING, then you have a lot to learn still.

    There's a lot more to parenting than determining what food lands on your kids fork every day. Regardless of age, if the only thing a kid knows is eating and Xbox, then it doesn't take a genius to know what their answer is gonna be every time you ask them.
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    Of course it's scripted. It's Dr. Phil. Everything on there is scripted.

    That still doesn't change the fact that, for whatever reason, kids are being reared in such a fashion nowadays to be disrespectful little shits. That scenario displayed in that video goes on in multiple households, multiple times daily. Hell, all you have to do is read some of the threads here to see how disrespectful some kids are!

    Unfortunately, sometimes a swift kick in the ass is the only thing that will stop a kid from thinking they're entitled to whatever they want from their parents. Yet we're moving into an age where such is considered "child abuse" and we're seeing the fruits of hands-off parenting right now.

    It's sickening, and it's destroying our society. Obviously I'm not advocating for child abuse, but I'd be damned if my kid ever talked to me like the kid in that video, or like some of y'all here talk to your parents, without their asses being turned black and blue. Such isn't child abuse in my books. It's proper parenting.
  18. What do you mean when it's time to be a parent? Parents are parents 24/7. How they handle a situation determines whether they are a bad parent or a good parent. She is obviously a bad parent for a number of things:

    1.) Not listening to her childs NEEDS. (For everyone who says hes spoiled, it's her fault lol)
    2.) Not NOTICING when her child NEEDS her and really wants her to listen to him. It's either she doesn't notice or doesn't care.

    Parents can do their job in two ways: The "old-fashioned" way where whenever a child fucks up he gets 40 lashes with the belt, or the new way where everybody talks. I think I like talking more than getting beat. By the way, they are not "talking." They are arguing because they both want to say something but the other one keeps stopping them.

    He did go to far with the slap. When I saw that I said :eek: and thought if I ever did that to my mom. If I ever did that to my mom, I would end up like this:

  19. obviously there more to parenting then that.

    but basing that if your kid is fat means your a bad parent is wrong.

    id rather be fat and have loving parents then be skinny and have a crackhead mom or something

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