Fat ass slaps his(or her? cant really tell.) mom

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn18H3FKDV4&feature=related]YouTube - Kid slaps his own mother on Dr. Phil (5-20-2008)[/ame]
    i couldn't decide if this should be in the big picture or this but ill just put it here.

    but anyways, how surprising is this to you? what would be the consequences if this went on in your house?

    My mom would never let this slide. There is obviously something wrong with the mom and her parenting. a good parent wouldnt let a kid get so fat. also is this a boy or girl?
  2. This is exactly what's wrong with kids today: they don't get their asses tore up by their parents like I did when I was younger. It was acceptable then, and it raised a generation of kids who knew how to respect their parents. That little fatty would've been in the backyard picking out his own switch, of adequate size, to put him in his place.

    But no...you can't hit kids today. You aren't even supposed to put them in "time out." Look what a generation of fools such parenting is raising.

    And also, there must be a shit load of "bad parents" with the number of fatass kids we have in this country today. But I don't agree with you on that point.
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    wow that kid needs to be disciplined.

    also how does it make you a bad parent if your kid is fat?

    its your body, your responsibility not your parents
  4. It's a proven thing these days that obese children are the result of poor parenting.

    Are obese children the result of poor parenting skills? | KETK NBC News

    I never gave it much credit, but more and more studies are showing this to be the case.
  5. kids get everything so easy now adays, if i ever hit my mom or grandmother i would get fucked up.

    If my son ever did this to my wife he would get fucked up too
  6. damn that lady just too nice. if she was smart she wud beat that kid like a runaway slave and have his little ass out cuttin grass with nose trimmers shiiiiiiiit.
  7. If I did this, I'd have to find somewhere else to live after I picked up all my teeth.
  8. i dont think so. by the age of 5 pretty much any kid knows that if he sits around all day and doesnt do anything hes gonna get fat?

    what should the parent do? force them to do something they dont like?

    the only responsibility parents have is feeding them healthy food

    the rest is your responsibility
  9. Its too late untill the kid grows up. The best thing for them would be that they seperate from eachother

    that kid is too smart for his own good, and a bit too manipulative

    the mom has no idea how to talk to him and no idea how to gain his respect

    the kid is fucked if he doesn't have a good father

    That's the only thing that saved my ass...
  10. wow

    i would've never thought about talking back to my mother like that. and if i had said some of the things he said, i would've gotten a good beating. i can't imagine what would've happened to me if i had slapped my mother, on television no less. that is shocking.

    if/when i become a parent, i won't take shit from my child. my parents didn't take shit from me, and we still have good relationships.
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    The mom obviously is a control freak and the kid is obviously channeling his rage that he feels into other things, culminating into him slapping his mom on television.

    They're both at fault, I guess.
    Both manipulating assholes trying to "win" the battle.

    Edit: My bad. I'm white if that makes any consolidation.
  12. Now lets all remember this, Grasscity. When I make a generalization of race later on today, remember this.

  13. Man, you know I generally like your posts, but this is just way out of line.

    Being a bad parent isn't endemic to only white people, and I think you know that.
  14. O my god i read this thread title so backwards. I kept seeing " FAT ass slaps" then the rest was just describing who was getting their ass slapped lol
  15. to people saying that fat kids are responsible for their own fat asses....Does the kid feed himself? Fuck no, they are fed by their parents. Who buys the kids toys? The parents. So obviously if the parent buys a kid a nintendo and a playstation and whatever instead of a football you're going to end up with a fat little fucker, aren't you?
  16. mom sucks at being a mom

    my mom slapped the shit outta me for calling her a cunt! imagine if i slapped her, oh boy
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    I don't beleive that for one minute.

    That was totally set up for that to happen. It was scripted so it work people up and get their attention, just like how all of you are acting right now.

    You ever been to any of these shows? They tell the crowds to when to react and how to react. Thes people are paid money to come on these shows. You don't think for one minute they're going to spice things up for your entertainment?

    "Next time on Dr. Phil".....gimmie a break. People are so damn gullable.
  18. Not true in my case. I didnt realize how fat I was(5'6, 200lbs) until my mom tricked me into a diet. Im now down to a nice 150 and I couldnt bare being fat again.

    Oh, and I fuckin hate children like that. I wish it was legal to fuck minors up lol. :rolleyes:
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    LOOOOOOOOOOl that was hilarious .

    Im sorry but she is a bad mother. She obviously sees her son is upset about this and she barely cares and just keeps arguing. When he slapped her I started dying laughing lmaoooooo.

    By the way, people need to realize that even though shes his mother, she isn't doing a very good job if this is the way he acts. For most kids, if they slap their mom, there is something WRONG. I wouldn't slap my mom ever because I love her too much to do that so basically if there is not enough love in that house thats what happens.
  20. your an idiot. so its your parents responsibility to keep you thin?

    the only responsibility for your parents is feeding you healthy food.

    if you don't wanna get off your ass and do something that's your fault

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