fat-ass fire.

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    Me and my mom were driving to the airport to drop my this chill dude off at the airport tonight, And as we were getting closer to it, we saw a huge cloud of smoke that was illuminated red and we were wondering what the fuck it was.

    We dropped the dude off at the airport and the cloud seemed bigger so we decided to check it out we drive closer to it and see a bunch of cops blocking off one street, we thought they were blocking the roads off so no one would go near the fire.

    We continued closer, and everything started to smell like wood smoke, we could see glimpses of red flame as we got closer, but we still couldn't see it, buildings were now blocking off the view. Traffic started slowing, and people were turning around, I got out my camera hoping to get a good shot of the flames. As we got closer every minute, the fire began to reveal itself.

    We drove to a perfect viewpoint on a hill, there was lots of traffic, and my mom suggested that I jump out of the car and get a picture. When I got out and actually looked at it it was fucking ridiculously huge, it was really dark, so the flames were amazingly bright, deep, deep, red. There were 2 fires I could see, and in the middle it looked like the closest thing to hell I've ever seen.

    I was looking at a space of about 50 miles, three mountains on one side, and a few small ones on the other, followed by the ocean. There were a shitload of houses all over the area, and the fire stretched across it all. Everyone was trying to leave now so we didn't want to get caught up in that shit. So we went home, and I smoked lots of bong bowls.

    holy fuck to that.

    edit: as we were leaving we saw a gigantic car wreck, debri was everywhere, and so were the cops. A car had flipped onto its back on the sidewalk.
  2. I wanna see the pics or it didnt happen
  3. so wait the fire stretched fifty miles???
  4. IDK how long but thats just what it seemed like, I snapped a few pics but they don't do any real justice, after I do the bullshit uploading process I will definitely post them here.
  5. Seriously pics please
  6. pics please
  7. Put those pics up then.
  8. was that shit in the news??

    and yea, pics would be good
  9. fuck i got too baked and forgot that shit, I'm gonna find that fucking camera and upload that shit pronto.
  10. pic or it didnt happen
  11. ok here they are but it was too dark to capture all of the flames, so these pics are pretty pussy lookin' but whatever:


  12. LOL, did Muhammad Ali take the last pic? :D

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