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    First Grow/Lowryder#2/Soil/CFL

    So, I started this plant the beginning of April. She's a feminized Lowryder #2. I chose her because of her harvesting time and lax light cycle. I began by planting the seed directly into Ocean Forest in a plastic beer cup. I put a plastic bag over the cup until she sprouted on April 4th.

    This is her on day 6. She is under 104W 6500K and 23W 2700K for 24 HOURS A DAY.

    She outgrew her beer cup and I transplanted into a larger pot with more Ocean Forest. She is very compact but growing fast. I have only been giving her distilled water. The temperature has been in the mid 80s in the cab. I fear the worst.

    April 21st
    Day 17 and sized up to a mini bic.

    Day 17 grow cab. Temps HOT.

    Day 17.

    Day 17.

    Looks like a bite haha. Day 17

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    April 28th

    I have still been giving her distilled water and have now changed the lighting to 20/4 to stimulate some vertical growth and flowering. I changed some of lightbulbs to 2700K. She is looking healthy.

    Day 24.

    Day 24.

    Main cola day 24.

    day 24 bud site.

    April 30

    It is Week 4 and today I add Fox Farm Big Bloom at 1/4 strength. I also change the bulbs and have 204W 2700K and 52W 6500K.

    Day 26.

    Day 26.
  3. May 3rd

    A few days after the nutes and she is looking great.

    Day 29. I know cat hair.

    Day 29.

    May 6th

    Just some pretty shots.

    Day 32.

    Day 32.

    Day 32 side bud site.

    Day 32 Grow Setup

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  4. May 11th

    Day 37.

    Day 37.
  5. Yummy my lr2 seeds should be here in a few days :) :D

    I can only hope mine look half as good as yours
  6. May 13

    A couple shots to show size and growth.

    Day 39 compared to a bottle of big bloom. She is only 10.5 inches tall. More compact than I ever expected.

    Day 39.

    Day 39.
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    May 23rd

    She is 11.5 inches tall

    Day 49. New light setup. I am trying to get light to hit some of the smaller buds. I try and rotate the plant 90* every few hours (4-5).

    Day 49.

    Day 49.
  8. One of the best lowryders i've ever seen, I hope mine come out like that. :bongin::yummy:

  9. Thanks man. I should have done SCROG to get better development of the lower bud sites, but I was just trying to get a successful grow out of this.
  10. ya my lowryder 2 seeds should be here tomorrow, i cant wait to get going :D

  11. Are you using CFL?
  12. Some great pictures there. Nice low cost system. Congrats man.
  13. May 26th

    Gave her some UVB. I have a pet tortoise and I snatched his 100W UVB light. Maybe this will do something positive? Let's hope!
    Also gave her some molasses with her distilled water yesterday.

    Day 52.

    Day 52. Many of the fan leaves have started to turn yellow. She is almost mature.

    Day 52.

    Day 52.

    Day 52 light setup with UVB(not shown).

    I was worried that she would not make her 9 week mark because of the things I read with CFLs and some Lowryders. However, I think she is on time for her June 6th harvest.

  14. yea 206 total watts over 3 plants, the seeds came today !!!!!:D:D I'm waiting for my grow box paint to dry for awhile before I germinate.

  15. So are you trying to get a really short plant or did you just choose LR because it is quick and autoflower?

    I was surprised when my LR didn't make it past 12 inches haha but also happy because I wanted it somewhat short.

    I really want to try and grow a plant that is a single cola, like a bonsai type one. Any suggestions? I know LR probably isn't the best strain choice but I got some freebee seeds too.
  16. Hi Fat_Angel!
    I'm also growing LR2, it's great to see some pictures of how it should be done.
    The older of the two plants I have is at day 17 today, but is nowhere near as developed looking as yours was at that age.:( It's in peatmoss and perlite under a single 125w CFL. It got light burn around day 6 & 7 and I think this may have stunted it. I have a backup that's 7 days old, we'll see how that looks an ten days time.

    Anyway enough about me! I hope you get more visitors to this thread, I know there's a lot more people growing Lowryders now and they could all do with seeing your progress.:D

    That's it for now. Good luck with the rest of your grow!:smoke:

  17. Thanks man, those were some kind words. I bet yours will do just fine. A little light burn shouldn't hurt much. Hell, I started getting deformed leaves and weird spots on some leaves early on and I thought she was a goner, but she did alright in the end. If you have a grow journal I will be following it now, if not START ONE!!
  18. And also my temps throughout the entire grow have been mid to high 80s so heat is definitely not a huge deal, as you can see.

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