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Fastest, easiest most potent way to make cannabis tea

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Donna Grabner, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. I wasn't really aware that you could make cannabis tea until now,so thanks for posting this! As for the fastest and most potent way,I'm not too sure. But I did find this post: Potent Marijuana Tea | Marijuana Forums so maybe it'll help you? I apologize if you'v already seen it,however. Good luck on finding a solution! happy smoking,or in this case,tea sipping :love-m3j:
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  2. It seems very easy, whenever my parents go out of town I'm gonna do it lol

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  3. I've got a fairly effective method of making tea. Put about a teaspoon of weed into a metal steeping ball. Bring 2 or mugs worth of water to a boil. Melt 2 tablespoons of butter in the boiling water. Then add a regular bag of tea for flavor. Turn heat down and and the steeping ball. Let it all simmer for at least 15 minutes. This works. It's not perfect. But it'll get you buzzed without having to smoke or use up a large amount of weed.
    P.S. You can free the steeping ball and get by with making a second batch of tea days later.

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  4. Thanks, I'll give it a look!
    Only wish I could smoke without coughing! Any help
    in that area?
  5. Maybe if you baby the hits and take smaller ones. Practice holding it in your mouth for a few seconds until it cools then take it into your lungs. Also,if you have a bong,you can fill it with ice. That cools the smoke so its not so harsh. Thats all I can really think of right now that might help,so I hope it does! Good luck :)

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  6. Thanks space brownie! Will
    try your advice!
  7. I once tried making tea (followed a website on the 4th page of a search or something) by clearing the contents from a tea bag, then putting some bud inside it and soaking it in water with milk for around 25 mins. But I'm sure you can find a bunch of better recipes from the replies to this post and by googling it.

    Try using a bong/bubbler with warm water. It definetely makes the hit smoother for me, but I prefer adding ice because it allows me to take bigger hits, but not necessarily less harsh IME. Also, try using a hempwick lighter to light the bowl. It's a lower temperature than a butane lighter I believe, so the smoke would be cooler, and it allows you to really taste the bud, and adds a nice flavor (other than the taste of butane). There's a hempwick dispenser on Amazon, which is like a case and a regular size bic lighter fits perfectly into it. It comes with a free sample of some organic hempwick, but a refill shouldn't be too pricy.
  8. Have you tried rice paper rolling papers?

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  10. Yes! tried rice-rolling papers,
    but to no avail!
    Really need help with this
    hacking/coughing problem!
    Like to make a really nice potent drink, but making these
    drinks seem so complicated!
    I'm afraid I'll 'kill' my weed so
    that all the potency will be cooked/processed away!!!
    What's a girl to do????
    Desperate for help!!!'
  11. save up your stems and leaves till you have a g or 2. or use a .5-1. of ground bud. mix with coconut oil and let sit for a couple days or heat it in a oven/toaster oven at 320-340f for a 1hr or so.

    then find some way to strain out the pot and mix it in with you tea... or better hot chocolate.

    try out a carbon filter and hemp wick it takes out a lot of the harshness with a cold sore throat
  12. Try vaporizing, combusting is such a waste and it's harder on the lungs. Head over to Fuck Combustion and we'll help you find a vape. There's so many benifits to vaping along with being easier on the throat. Increased bio availability, no skunky smell on your clothes, you need 50% less weed, and you can use ABV for edibles.(I just made 6 oz of ABV butter last night for brownies!).
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  13. If you're simply trying to find a way to consume cannabis without coughing make a firecracker. It's easy as tea.
  14. a
  15. Could you give me an easy way
    to make a 'firecracker'?
  16. Like the other guy said go with a vape.

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  17. They are pretty gross, I really can't stand eating them...If I need to make a quick edible rather than that, I decarb my weed, about a gram then mix it in a sandwich worth of pb, grind it up super fine to increase surface area and make it less gritty and bake in the oven at about 320 for 20 or so minutes with tin foil covering it, then slap it on some bread after it cools with some jelly, has gotten me a really good high in a pinch but still not the best.
  18. THC COOH isn't water soluble. It's lipid. Without using butter/fat to extract the THC first, I can't imagine anything is going to happen.
  19. Gotta agree :) Vaping is the best! I love my Arizer Solo.

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