Faster Drying (no Oven;microwave,...)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by hotp, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. HI ALL
    i just picked up my last bud and i wanted to dry it fast, because all the others buds are nealry smoking time :smoking:. so i thought, how can i dry it fast without compromising the bud itself?
    so what i did, insted of using a oven that has extremely high temperatures and insted of using the microwave, that can affect high (dunno know, but i'm not gonna try either), i got two full sheets of a news paper and made a hollow ball out of them. then i just put it under a 100w normal took me 3 hours to have it really good dry and with a real nice smell :D.

    make sure the light wont pass trough the paper, or it will degradate the THC.

    try it out and then post back here !!

  2. There is no need for any heat or light bulbs of any sort. A good box fan on high will dry out any bud in a matter of hours with not effect on THC content.
  3. LOL i didn't knew that, sry all. thanks hashmouf!

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