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  1. is it a bit early in the year for my flowering to be this far along? I live in a valley in the mountains

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  2. Btw this is an outdoor grow
  3. Have you grown alot of plants there.....outdoors? If so, what do they normally look like at this time? How old is it? Chance it's an Autoflower?
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  4. It’s a bag seed and this is a first grow for me
    It’s about 5 weeks in flowering
    So basically I’m just winging it
  5. Well you are doing one hell of a job!!

    It's not flowering "too early"....they will flower when they are ready.....just keep doing whatever it is you have been doing....and enjoy the harvest when it's time!

    Great work! :thumbsup: :smoking-bong:
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  6. I really appreciate the encouragement
    I hate to sound like an idiot but I thought that they flowered till October but this looks like it’s in the latter half of development
    Maybe 3-4 weeks?
  7. Nope, don't sound like an idiot here...............yeah, it's lookin really still have alot of while hairs...but I see the ends of them starting to turn and curl yeah...they are pretty far into it id say
  8. Thanks again, this is a solo endeavor and you’ve given me more confidence in this
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