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  1. Thought it would be cool if we say what we got from which fast food place and say on a 1 to 10 scale how it was.

    KFC Chicken Pot Pie - 5.5 out of 10. It tastes decent if I'm hungry but not good enough.
  2. McChicken: 7

    Boring but it's the last thing I had lol, always a quick cheap bite to eat.
  3. I got this monstrosity at Mcdonalds last night for $ 5. It was delicious.

  4. [quote name='"Bobby Blendz"']McChicken: 7

    Boring but it's the last thing I had lol, always a quick cheap bite to eat.[/quote]

    Mcchicken gets a 3 max
    Any thing from the fast food industry should get no more than like a 6
  5. Chic fil a. Spicy chicken with a chocolate shake. I give them a 9-10. would have been a 10 but the frys were short
  6. McDonalds Shamrock Shake- 4/10

    Odd minty flavor, unnecessary vanilla, expensive.
  7. McGangbang from McDonalds. 9/10 when baked.

    For those that don't know its a Double cheeseburger and a McChicken made into one sandwich. Google it if you still don't understand.
  8. Hmm well it's a thread rating fast food from 1-10 so that makes no sense, and it's completely subjective so you can't really tell me my rating is wrong :hello:
    In fact, mcchicken just got upgraded to 7.5
  9. me and my buddy went to taco bell after work last night and guess what they have now


    10/10 I love doritos and tacos!
  10. burger king whopper 9/10 god its goo with mustard yo
  11. In n out. Shits on it all
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    I was semi disappointed in those since I though they were going to be cool ranch, but the crunchy beef wrap burrito is the best


    taco bell beef crunch burrito - 9.5 / 10. gets an extra 1.5 because their only 98 cents
  13. five guys double with cajun fries - 10

    rallys double with bacon - 6

    wendys double with cheese - 7
  14. ^ thanks for reminding me about cajun fries. Been meaning to try them. Always forget and get regular fries. They always overflow the cup and give us like a million fries, way more than we can eat lol
  15. McDs Double Cheese with extra pickles add lettuce and tomato. McD adds $0.50 more for lettuce and tomato.

    7/10 would have been an eight if McDs didn't charge for extras like Wendy's
  16. I wonder if five guys is open at this hour. I've only been there once
  17. five guys is so good, probably cuz its actually real stuff and made to order. GQ said it was the best burger you could get for 5$ lol. its on im goin there tomorrow.

    i wish there was an in n out in my area
  18. thats how it was for me. Then I moved and there's one like 15 minutes down the road

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