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  1. Just curious if anyone has first hand experience with a "fast flowering" strain outdoors. Do they start to flower sooner or are the flowering times just shorter? I've picked up a few and want to grow them outdoors in the hope of an earlier harvest. Here is a link to the strain I have and it says early September harvest which would be great if it were true.
    Cream Mandarine F1 Fast Version® | Semillas marihuana Sweet Seeds®
  2. dinafem quick critical + indoor though the first 2 week after flip 12/12 the buds appeared much quicker than a normal photoperiod does like in around 10 days you have buds fairly rapid ime anyway
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  3. Interesting, I know they cross autos with photos in order to get these fast flowering strains, now correct me if I'm wrong but I was always under the assumption that autos have the same flowering times as photos?
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  4. lol well yes in theory if you have a photoperiod with a time of 55-60 days thats flower only right while autos are usually 60-70 days from seed i was very tempted to get S.A.D f1 from sweet seeds i hear that and cream caramel are crazy good strains
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  5. @3rd Monkey has great knowledge on these matters he my go to guy for info im not sure if he still around on GC
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  6. The flowering times suggested on the seed sites for autos is its life expectancy from seed or from germ of seed to harvest....the flowering times suggested on photos is the actual flowering time.....after the plant has vegged.
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  7. to think if you purchase a "fast" photoperiod dependant strain and you like to veg 6 weeks+ then there not the strain for you :lmafoe:
  8. The cream caramel fast that I have says a harvest of early September outdoors and a 7 week flowering time so that says to me that it should start to flower late July which is a couple weeks before any other photo strain that I have grown outdoors. I may start a seed indoors to do a test to see how many hours of light it will take to trigger the flowering hormones. Start at 16/8 and drop a half hour of light every 5 days to see what the results will be. If it starts flowering at 15 hours of light then it should start flowering at the same light outdoors as well.
  9. Have you ever counted the days of an auto vs a photo. I have an auto cheese growing outdoors that is packing weight on faster than I expected and I am curious to see how many days it flowers for. I pollinated it with a photo male as well so looking forward to the surprises I get.
    Here she is July 14th as it just started flowering. 20190714_123452.jpg and then on August 11th 28 days later
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  10. I personally have not, no.......mainly because I only grow autos

    Your flowering picture is yet another reason I love autos! :love::yay:
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  11. I stuck to growing ak-47 a bunch for short finishing time/ quality.
  12. My 1st two pics are of Auto Ak47×Critical Mass coming in at 8.5ft. Next 2 pics are of Auto Amnesia coming in at 7 ft. Both of them fully organic. Both by Canuk Seeds! Both 10 weeks 5days old. One in full flower one just starting to flower. Then the last 2 is Auto Berryblue by oaisis genetics and its the same age but well into flowering and coming in just a little over 3ft 6in. Always read your plants no matter what. The breeders just give you an average. BTW Autos are great outdoors! View attachment 2812482 20200622_164506.jpg 20200622_164435.jpg 20200622_164450.jpg 20200622_164543.jpg 20200622_164559.jpg

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