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  1. Well I watched this documentary last night: The Living Matrix: New Science of Healing. It explains how science has realised our bodies all emit a field of energy (beginning from the magnetism in the brain from electricity), and how this field can be used to cure health problems (with no use of medicine whatsoever), and also supply knowledge with no use of language whatsoever. Very fascinating documentary. I highly suggest it.

    Heres a link to the movie:


    Note the beginning can seem like a fictitious story, but if you continue the movie, you'll see it may just be possible.. If you choose to watch, please post your thoughts.
  2. This seems to be just the sort of thing I've been looking for to pass the time. Thank you for sharing :)
  3. Sure. Let me know what you think. I've got another documentary on the subject if your interested some other time.
  4. This shall be very interesting.

    +rep! Thanks!
  5. Whale Warch Latar. Thunk ew
  6. downloading right now...seems promising though +rep anyway
  7. Thanks bud. Let me know what you think
  8. Sub'd- I'll watch this one later on.

    Got anything more on this type of subject? This stuff just gets my brain pumpin lol
  9. Too cool man, thanks I appreciate it :D
  10. Sure man. Make sure to post any thoughts
  11. i made it 15 or so mins in :D

    sorry man just not my cup of tea at all. The lady with the broken leg was just too much for me to go on.

    hand over wound + hospital + time = mind healing :hello:
  12. Fair enough man.. I think you'd at least find interesting if you keep watching but it's your choice. Honestly, I'm not sure I buy the others healing people through energy, but I could definitely see it working when you meditate on yourself. I guess this is only because I meditate already which has caused me to eliminate severe anxiety/depression though..
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