Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. anybody in the city own/live on a farm ..i envy you

    having all that land you yourself, peace and quiet, with some farm animals to chill with ...dont have to bother with annoying assholes lol...

    some day day lol.

    ..ya this is kinda of a pointless thread ...just think its cool to live on a farm!

    we should all 'throw down' on some property a grasscity commune lol ...hey it could work, the hippies were just too busy tripping on acid to get anything done.
  2. i dont know if i could live on a farm. i would like to visit one for a little bit to get away, but i would miss my current life too much.
  3. hmmm. a farm.. sounds like a good place to sow the seeds of them tasty weeeds!
  4. bleh i hate the country. I love people and lights and all that kind of stuff in the city. Right now i am at my moms in the middle of nowhere with like 40 acres i grew up on a horse farm too. Its fun when your lil but now i like to hang out and chill and go to the mall (the closest mall is 45 min from here). My dad lives near detroit tho and i am movin back with him this summer. Ive just been stayin at my moms since Dec since i got in some trouble down there. But yah it would be bad to VISIT a farm every now and then. i LOVE the city!!! lmao.
  5. **wouldnt be bad**
  6. itd be great to rent a farm or some house in the middle of nowhere(liek a Carribean island or somthing) with some friends and grow and toke up all the time...i think thats like the official stoner least after legalization
  7. the beach . . .

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