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Farewell to smoking 'blunt'

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hawaiian Haze, May 4, 2011.

  1. I've recenlty come to the decision to quit smoking marijuana. I've decided to do so by smoking one last blunt that's an ounce. I'll be doing it sometime today and will post pictures if I remember to take some. I'm also hoping to quit cigarettes by the end of the month. Wish me luck blades.
  2. Good Luck Bro, u got more will power than me :)
  3. dang god speed man
  4. gl man but an ounce blunt? that seems unnecessary...but fun. That would be one hell of a roach.
  5. I don't recommend the ounce blunt. I did this once as a kid, and sooo much smoke comes off the cherry that it's just a massive waste. I would just roll regular ones until it takes up the ounce. you'll get a lot higher that way. seriously, the ounce blunt looks like the top of a chimney when it's lit.

    i do wish you luck. and even more luck with cigs because those are nasty.
  6. Can I ask what led you to want to quit smoking? I'm on day 3... of my 3 month break ( drug test and t-break/health break).
  7. lol i got to day 2 of my t break and was like hmm ok over it
  8. lol while i don't agree with your decison, good luck. And don't smoke a ounce blunt, just roll a buncha cigarillos or smoke a shit load of bowls. and if ya are able to finish it all in one sitting mad props to you lol
  9. ounce blunt is a waste
  10. You crazy foo...
  11. Just have a nice chill day of smoking. Don't do the one blunt thing.
  12. Good luck, I'd recommend stopping cigs right now and smoking bud until you stop fiending and getting pounding headaches, cold sweats, freaking out whenever you see smell or think about cigs. Thats really the only thing you'll need wishes of good luck for. I quite smoking cold turkey and its a fucking bitch dude, but its so worth it after the first week, and then 3 weeks later you get way higher for some reason. But smoking bud isn't as bad, theres nothing stopping you from smoking it later in life, no reason to smoke now if you don't want to
  13. i quit smoking regularly and couldn't be happier with the decision
  14. i hope you fail the smoking weed part..

    smoke weed every day (nate dogg voice)
  15. niggga you is gonna be so high you is gonna forget that you quit loool
  16. One ounce blunt, thats whats up... it's not a "waste" to him because he is quitting afterwards. Can't wait for the pic's.
  17. you trollin brah?

    How about a 7g blunt? that seems much more reasonable. Even though you will probably pass out half way through it.
  18. Don't listen to these guys. It isn't a waste if you enjoy it. You better post pics of this ounce blunt.
  19. you're going to smoke maybe like 1/4, want to pass out and stop, wake up tomorrow morning, break up that blunt, put the nug away, and not quit smoking

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