Fapping in nature

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by dawnofwar, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Yes I'm serious, anyone ever done it?
    It was cool as fuck until I saw a deer watching me that was standing there for 5 minutes. Just beeming at me as I was yerkin' the ole turkey neck.
  2. Why would I want somebody walking in on me whackin my small dick? :p

    Shit I mean, I guess if I was Ron Jeremy I wouldn't mind :rolleyes:
  3. hahahah oh dear.
  4. definitly one of the different threads ive seen so far haha.
  5. I jacked off in some bushes at summer camp

    I've never jacked off while looking at a deer before though. That's like a whole new level
  6. I saw the deer was there, turned direction, and when I turned back in was still there beeming at me 0_0
  7. Hahaha nahh. But i might try it. Does it just feel better or what? do you feel more 'free'
  8. Done it. Nothing special, just kinda awkward. Easy clean up though
  9. ROFL OP, but yes i've done it in the woods twice, it was.........……
  10. I'm not sure... It's just different cause there's no porn or anything around, just the sound of nature.
  11. I always answer the call of the wild
  12. I'm down to have some outdoor natural fucking with my lady but chocking the chicken in nature doesn't really cut it for me I think I would just feel real dirty and ashamed afterwords but dame if you like that stuff go right on ahead to each his own.
  13. Beautiful.
  14. Did you finish to the deer?
  15. Fuck no,I'm not THAT fucked up :p
  16. Im gonna try this
  17. You just gotta beat off sometimes..
  18. Better than the back of a loaded schoolbus
  19. yup.. i must admit.. i've definitely tangled with the trouser snake in the wild
  20. LOL i bet both of you were like deer in head lights staring at each other. The deers like wtf, but you just continue death beaming strokin your thing at a slow creepy pace.

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