Fantastic Day.

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    today, I had kick ass day! haha :hello:, i went to a street market with my ma, we were wondering around looking at all the stalls, i found a pretty cool one that had grinders, pipes, bongs, skins, hookahs and rasta ashtrays (the ones with the rasta guy sitting on it).

    to my surprise my ma comes over and admires the ashtrays and starts picking them up and laughing at them,! I mean these ashtrays have a dude smoking a joint sitting in a hamuck that's held up between two weed plants on it haha

    she then offers to buy it for me, me being me and a paro fuck told her i wouldn't need it. she starts laughing and says we both know thats not true! and that she would like to get it for me and if theres anything else i want. :smoke:

    she calls over the man and we proceed to barter with the dude, we leave with a 4 piece grinder and the ashtray.:D

    its been a fucking unreal day for the fact that i didn't think my ma was that cool with my smoking. she had an idea in high school but always said if i was going to smoke just wait till i was finished high school and 18 and never in the house. but now that I'm moved out and in college she doesn't mind!:D

    never thought i would see this day.
    next goal smoke my mammy up!:smoke:

    ramble, ramble i know im baked. :p

    peace, one love, Dave.
  2. bummmmmmmmmppp
  3. Way to go! :D You got a good Mom!

    Now for Step 2! Click that first link in my sig and ask Mom to "Just read the titles and if one is in incomprehensible "Sci-Speak", just skip it and go to the next one."

    By the time she finishes with the "C"s, she may be seriously thinking of asking you to share a joint with her!

    Good Luck!

    Granny :wave:
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    thanks granny, yea thats a very good plan thank you. think i might try on sunday when shes most relaxed. ;)

    flicked through the link. very nice read. gonna finish it after a bowl.:smoke:

    wow :eek: just saw how big the list is. gonna have fun looking through them.

  5. hey man :wave:
  6. Dave, that's the SHORT version! If you want the big version, send me an email! (bottom of my sig), or PM me yours!


  7. Haha. That's awesome that your mom is so chill. You should offer to buy her something weed related sometime, find out if she needs it too lol.
    Or just ask if she wants to smoke.

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