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  1. alright, new to growing, been reading a lot i'm going to grow outdoors, but after i plant my seeds after they've germinated (i just started germinating a few seeds today) i'm going to place them in a drawer, with a light above blah blah blah, how important is a fan, if it is when should i start using one, computer fans will they work? just i need all the information about fans
  2. A fan is very important, You will not only need a fan to help controll heat issues , but it will also keep your stems nice and strong... Your fan does not have to blow directly on your seedlings just need enough to cause them to tremble slightly..
  3. oh thank you somebody finally posted, how essential is it in it's early stages though? is it super neccesary after it sprouts cause i don't want to keep it inside too long if i don't have to like 2-3 weeks? is it needed then?
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  5. If you are going to move the seedling outside then it is very necessary to have a fan blowing on it to strengthen the stem. If you keep it inside it is very necessary to use a fan to strengthen the stem otherwise the thick buds will cause it to tip over which could break it.
  6. ... ya, and heat issues is more of an inside thing. better throw a fan outside pointed in its general direction... if it were my backyard, it'd have pleanty of wind :) peace
  7. right now i have an exhaust fan blowing right out the top of the box, 1 42w cfl = to 150w picking up another one of those this afternoon hopefull but by the evening at latest, when they sprout i plan on putting an intake fan is that fine? because i'm still on day 2 and no signs of well anything yet...

  8. Wait a minute. They have not even sprouted yet? If not, turn off the fans. You do not need them. The fans will dry out your soil and you should not do any watering before they sprout.
  9. as long as it's pointed at the seedlings you're good. Keep in mind there are other good reasons to have good air circulation. You need to replenish the depleted CO2 around the leaf blades and you want to discourage damp, mildew, and mold.
  10. shit I didn't realize he was talking about right now before they even sprout. Smkn is right, not now. When they sprout turn the fans on.
  11. 2 of the 3 sprouted...the 3rd did, but um...i don't know it stopped all growth for 2 days where as the other 2 did just fine, i had a 42w over them and only an exhaust fan...both are a little under a half inch right now, so today i'm getting another like and an intake and another exhaust fan...sound good? they are in a 2.5x1.5 ft area
  12. as long as your temp and humidity are within normal ranges, that's all the fans you'll need until they are bigger.

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