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  1. Do you really have to have a fan on your plant 24/7 from the time it sprouts? Does it always get top heavy without a fan indoors?

  2. I guessit depends on whether you're growing an indica or a sativa....sativa's will grow to a height of over 8' and it is good idea to get the fan on it to strengthen the plant for the're just mimicing the outdoors enviroment, i've got one that's over 7' at the moment, i didn't have the fan on 24/7 as i don't have a socket handy for it, i have to run everything to the room and it works on the lights timer......Peace out.....Sid
  3. I have my fans on a timer, set for 15mins every hour, seems to work well.
  4. how much does a fan like that cost?
    where can you get a fan like that?
  5. I bought both the fan and timer seperately, I have been using a "Tower Oscillating Fan" costs about $40, and an LCD timer (gives 25 settings per 24Hr) cost approx $15

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