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  1. ok well were growing in a attic, plants need some kind of fan or ventilation I believe....Like would buying a fan or a few small fans be good or what all would you recamend for a attic (keeping in mind it cant be too loud, parents cant know!)
  2. i'd say go to walmart and look around, hehe i really don't know i'm helping out a friend growing in a attic and were just going to see whut we find. Theres a little ass fan over at my grandmothers house i've always wanted to snag from her but she always uses it. I can't steal from my grandmother anyways but i'm pretty much looking for the same fan.
  3. LOL

    Well like one fan blowing across my SOG would be fine? Just need to blow some shit off or something, that only purpose?

  4. Do you have a chimney(with hole in side covered),or a small window to use for exhaust?

    How big is area?

    A squirrel fan would be best..size depends on area..


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