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  1. i have two closet size grow rooms the veg room is approx 32" X 34" X 70" the flowering room is approx 32" X 42" X70". problem is heat and fans burning out. the temp was 110 f in the veg room when the fan died during the night, similiar problem with flower room caught earlier so not as hot 96 f. i have an exhaust fan and box fan in the flower room and a ceiling and circulating fan in veg room, i will change the ceiling fan out with a new exhaust fan...i find the fans themselves create alot of heat, what solutions would be available to me, i have the fans and lights on timers should i shorten the running times of the fans as i had them in sync with the lights? any help suggegtions greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  2. i should say i have a 400w mh in the veg room and a 400 w hps in the flowering room, are my rooms to small for this much light, the ballasts are external not in the closets.. thanks again
  3. Storm38,

    Just make sure you have a good intake and exhaust fan in each room, youl notice you may want the fan on more often in the veg room then flowering room as the MH bulbs give off a hotter heat then the HPS.

    With that amount of space you have the right sized lamps in that space, you could even almost goto a 600watt HPS in the flower room. But the 400 watt im sure will work out well enuf, just try to get those temps down to about 72 - 76 and youl notice a huge difference in all aspects of the grow !!

    Good luck in your growing Ventures !!

  4. High

    I use puter fans..I got them outa some old 486's an 586's..I then got me some transformers like what you get with a cordless phone..I get 2 or 3 fans on one unit..Just be sure that it's a 12 volt transformer with 4 or 5 hundred mA's..Puter fans were designed to take alot of heat..Hope this helps ya out some..:D:D:D
  5. if i increase fan size what should i go to? 90 cfm? 110? i currently have 50 cfm thought it was more but i was wrong! imagine that hahaha

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