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  1. Do I need a fan that blows air out the grow tent. I have a 12 inch fan blowing air in through a split vent forcing half the air down an half up. 3ft above that I have a 6 inch fan blowing air above the top of my plant to remove heat. Another 6 inch fan taking air out. If I put the other 6 inch fan with the others an just leave the hole were it was at open. Will it still force air out or will the temps rise

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  2. Depends I guess mate, if you are using MH/HPS lights, then a dedicated fan for extraction is essential.....a fan blowing over the top of the canopy is good for the plants, and for preventing heat spots building up, but without the air being pulled out of the tent, it will just recirculate, and temps will increase. 
  3. IMO it's best to have an intake fan and an outtake fan working simultaneously with the intake fan being positioned lower than the outtake so as to remove some of the heat being generated from your lighting.
  4. Whatever type of light you go for the plants will need the spent air removed, ventilation is more than just heat control...

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