"fans" of hunger games pissed that black people were in the movie

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  1. Who gives a fuck what racist assholes think?
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    In Batman, and Batman Returns they had Harvey Dee Williams, a black actor, play two face, and that was the last we saw of him in the series because it fucked with the original story.


    Just read the article, never mind.
  3. it's just ridiculous that people can actually be pissed over the fact that the actors who were described as dark skinned in the book were....dark. it pisses me off that so many people publicly announce nasty shit like that.

    the characters were black in the book, man
  4. Nobody ever accused a racist of being intelligent; expect fucking stupid.
  5. I get tremendously upset when black folks are in the movie theater too.
  6. Kinda sh*t is that:confused:
  7. [quote name='"Judgement"']Nobody ever accused a racist of being intelligent; expect fucking stupid.[/quote]

    I'm not racist, but sometimes stereotypes are true about certain people within the race.

    I don't understand why this would be a big deal, our president is black.
  8. how very observant and random! :D

  9. stereotypes are true about certain people of EVERY race.

    i have seen so many white redneck trailer trash fucking idiots

    i have seen tons of black people order fried chicken and orange soda

    i have seen a lot of awful asian drivers

    i have seen 15 mexicans piled into a pickup

    all races have stereotypes and people that fit the stereotype. thats not the point. its just a skin color. it means nothing.
  10. [quote name='"darksmoker"']

    i have seen tons of black people order fried chicken and grape soda[/quote]

  11. "I'm not racist I have a black president."
    "Our country is not full of racists, who do you think put Obama in office?"
    "I'm not a racist, I'm just arrogant and gullible to stereotypical statements "

    This doesn't really bother me because I say Fuck the hunger games regardless. Stupidest fad since Kony 2012 and guess what? People have already forgotten about it.
  12. The clear solution would be to make two version of The Hunger Games. One featuring only white people, and another featuring only black people.

    That seems like the only way we can really resolve these racist issues. If we just separated the two races, the problem should just go away. Think about how far it could be taken, too! We could have white/black schools, cinemas, bathrooms, ect...

    It's so simple. Why haven't we thought of this before?

  13. But we should all have black dicks.

  14. You mean grape soda
  15. That was a rant of an article if I've ever seen. Idiots use twitter, duh.

  16. Ummm, it's way better than Twilight. The book was written better too. More descriptions, better structure. Oh yeah, and it's not about lovey dovey shit. It's about a girl who isn't a dumb bitch, which is something i think all 13-14-15 year old girls should try to emulate.

    I'm actually glad they've come out with something people are interested in that doesn't involve vampires and falling in love.
  17. Exactly! Did none of these "fans" read the books? I think they screwed up a bit on other characters, but not with the black ones.
  18. Racist people are typically narrow minded. It's no surprise all those people completely missed the fact the book's characters are black.
  19. Man On The Moon Games
    The seal is a Grizzly Bear holding a baseball bat:D

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