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  1. "Creation" Guitar/Drum jam | Facebook

    What do you think of the song my brother and I are playing here?
    I wrote the song and the lyrics (vocalist wasn't there for recording) are about Norse Creation myth. Any feedback is much appreciated, as we'll be playing our first show sometime in a month or two.

    I know it's inevitable for someone to ask but i'm 18 and my brother is 13.
  2. Hey man. Nice jam. Pretty cool your brother can play drums like that at 13. If there was a better way for you guys to record and put your music online, that would sound a lot better. I have a friend who writes music, death metal among other things. You should check him out, message him on facebook possibly. He might be willing to help you, maybe collaborate or something.

    Welkom bij Facebook - Meld je aan, registreer je of ontdek meer

    Also, check this song out.
    [ame=]Burn7 - Combustion Dynasty - YouTube[/ame]
  3. I like old school death metal: death, obituary, malveont creation, morbid angel, etc.
    I love thrash like pantera, megadeth, anthrax, nuclear assault, sepultura, kreator, destruction, Sodom, testament, onslaught, overkill, old Metallica, slayer, etc.
    I do like melodic death metal like the black dahlia murder, children of bodom, dark tranquility, the absence, and a shit ton of others
  4. That's really impressive drumming for a 13 year old. Not to shadow your skill at all, both of you are highly skilled, especially considering your young age. I like that your dog is getting in on it. Keep it up.

    [ame=]Darkthrone - Cromlech - YouTube[/ame]

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