Fancy a friend,?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by sadstoner74, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone sadstoner74 from the UK here watching yet another sunrise.. Anyone fancy a chat ':$
  2. Sure. You wanna talk??
  3. Hi THERE sorry I took so long but I had a bit of a sesh last night and have just woken(lazy bitch) how are you? Good I hope. Sending you big hugs from England. Where are you from?
  4. North Carolina. Usa. Nice to make your aqquatance.
  5. Nice to meet you :)

    Why are you a sad stoner? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of getting high? :p
  6. Nice to meet you too goes things out there its cold and drop here lol
  7. I ment to say its cold and crap here but this stupid phone has predictive text on it I hate new technology lol
  8. Hahaha thanks for clarifying, I was so confused. That would make me sad too, so I understand that!

    Do you hate the internet? I think that's pretty new technology :p
  9. Nice to be a part of this lovely conversation!

    Im from washington state USA.
  10. Chat threads AREN'T allowed on GrassCity. Take this somewhere else pal.

    Why doesn't anyone enforce the rules?

  11. Cause cops can go suck a dick

    I understand all the other rules of the site, but what the fuck? We cant talk on a thread? Hoooollyyyyyy shiiiiit.

    GC needs to revise some rules IMO
  12. Aside from some with medical conditions, everyone here fights the law. In fact, the purpose of this forum/associated webstore is to stick it to the man :smoke:

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