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  1. is it a good idea to put a fan on the plant to simulate an outoor wind??? btw i wanna know wich is the best nutrient in the vegetation and in the floraison cycle??? i mean n-p-k could the same nutrient could be great in bolt of cycle??
  2. i keep fan on my plants for the first 3 weeks sets them up beautiful
  3. If your plants atr delicate might be better to aim the fan at a wall so the backdraft hits the plant :)
  4. Ave,

    Just to add to this fan thing...

    Keeping the air moving also helps the plant with its transpiration process, which includes expelling toxins. if there is no, or not enough air circulation, the plants leaves may have to enlarge (thus taking energy and time) to have more surface from which to expell its waste. the fan will blow the expelled matter away from the plant and thus keep it healthier, besides stronger and helping to keep bugs off, etc. I put my fan on the highest setting for about 5 hours a day. (from a reasonable distance, not right on it) its amazing how strong the stems and such have become... so anyway, definately have a fan on them.

    Take care.
  5. HI
    should the fan be on during flowering?
  6. Yes leave it on as long as it suits your enviroment i turn my circulating fan off during night time and it seems ok for me :)

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