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  1. i was just wondering if a fan can be blowing too much on plants...i have a fan blowing in on my plants in a box cause the heat is really bad and they are just lightly shaking from the fan. can you stress out your plants if the fan is blowing too hard? thanks
  2. I'm pretty sure you can't unless you have an industrial size fan lol. And it will make your stem stronger.
  3. it is certainly possible to give plants wind burn

  4. Yes, you can blow them too much. If the leaves are constantly rubbing each other it can damage them.

    I look for good leaf movement but not aggressive contact.

    For heat issues it would better to increase your exhaust and intake rather than just blowing more hot air the plants.
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    you need air in, air out, and a fan on your plants. I have a tiny closet I'm using. I have this pulling air from under the door.

    this pulling air out the ceiling

    this fan on low blowing on my plant was plants but ended up with one lady.

    My fan is close but always on low. fan blowing on your plants will keep you plants strong and healthy.
    My plant love the A/C fans pull it in under the door. Air only allowed one way and door is light and air tight.
  6. the leaves are not shaking violently but just kinda shaking in the breeze..should be ok i think
  7. they should be fine. My plant is always moving. I left for two week with the fan on low les then a foot from all plants and all plants almost doubled in size. The fan makes them have strong stems to carry heavy buds.

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