fan leaves yello?

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  1. Ok i am a week or two away from harvest i have been feeding and water my girls just fine but both of my ladys "top44" have yellow fan leaves some of which have fallen off

    The green leaves and the bud look fine i heard that yellowing of the leaves is normal?

    I do not have photos but imagine a green fan leaf gone very light yello and curled slightly
    the back of the leaf looks fine there is no sign of pests or nuit burns
    I have been feeding them on just water for about 4 days now.

    I would like to find out the best way to dry and cure my girls too
    my room is about 23c in temprature and is kept that way at all times it is also very dry in that room so i plan on using that as my drying room.

    I have a large jar for curing which i will open a couple of times a day and turn the girls over.
    my big worry is fungus / mold growing on my buds. Being my first grow i am having to wing it every step of the way to learn the ropes and hope that i get it right so i know for next time.

    If i could get two grows a year that would keep enough bud for me to keep :) :D :smoking:
  2. its normal for the leaves to die dont worry man jeez haha
    did you flush it yet??
    the best way to cure is after drying for 5-7 days or so put the buds in your jar , you may need more than one, and use the method u said

    o and the best humidity for when drying buds is 45 to 55 percent and 70 degrees is good
    and the longer you cure , the better bud you will get.
    mold and fungus will only happen if you dont look over them man , you did all this work you dont wanna mess up now, just keep an eye on them

    also if i were you i would get a couple smaller jars to put the buds in, but thats just my opinion, i think it would be better for the buds , peace
  3. Thanks

    what do i do to prevent mold and wha if i fine mold?

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