Fan leaves turn yellow and fall off? Time to harevst ?

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    I'm growing 2 purple widows. All the fan leaves on one of them turned yellow and fell off, now its a narrow tall thing with the only leaves poking out of the bud.

    The other one is more spread out and bushy, but the leaves on that one are turning yellow too, and some of them are falling off.

    I was expecting to harvest a few weeks from now but I don't know now. Can i still leave them out in this state? Or should they be harvested soon?

    EDIT:added pics

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  3. this is normal... wait till you think there done... then wait one more week
  4. I added pictures.
  5. just look at the trikes
  6. from the pics id say a week or so more... but just to be extra sure you could check the trics

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