Fan leaves look cringed, help needed

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    I have been using GH Ph up an Down to correct my water. Im not sure whats going on with them they look cringed and wilted. Let me know based on the pics I through up. Ive been feeding nutes as well 1/4 strength so i dont burn anything. it has yellow leaves die off every day and new ones turn yellow each day at the bottom

    My temps are 68-70 at night time and 71-83 during the day. Ive hit 85f max.

    anyways heres some photos, photo 1 showing the plant of question, fan leaves look weird. photo two is another of the same plant. photo three is two of the same strains next to each other, the one is on the right that im unsure about. although the others are kind of starting to take on the same look. again ive been doing everything correct as far as I know.

    I have a photo of the same two strains, showing a healthy one on the left and the one i have no idea about on the right. im worried it might be root bound

    Ive feed my white rhino the same stuff and shes doing fucking awesome, along with my bubble gum and thunder bloody mary.

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  3. Check out the 'plant abuse chart' in the stickies section.

    Click on the Third link.
  4. ok here it goes:

    you really need to get a handle on your pH. the contorted leaves on one plant and the curled leaves on the other look like two completley different pHes; one looks too high and one looks too low.

    what nutes do you use? when do you correctly pH your solution? for example, if you pH your water correctly, but than add in nitrogen nutrients (NH4+ or NO3-), which raises the acidity of your solution.

    GH pH up is a product i have heard people talking shit about. the potassium carbonate (or bicarbonate, whatever one they use in the GH product) can bind certain calcium/magnesium ions. potassium bicarbonate is also toxic to plants in LARGE doses. it is safe in smaller doses.

    since your plants are in flowering, i believe you are dealing with a magnesium deficiency. if it were a macroelement, you would see a deficiency on one or two of the newer leaves.

    i also believe you may be starting to get nitrogen toxicity. in the third pic, bottom left, the leaves are starting to curl up, along with a tiny bit of marginal burn. you have been feeding all your plants the same; you need to stop that. think about what would happen if we fed a 4ft 8in tall, 65 pound nerdy kid the same ammount of food to his 6ft. 6 in tall, 180 pound 6th grade basketball star classmate. and we made them finish the entire meal. that nerdy kid would be feeling sick as hell from too much stuff, while the basketball player would feel great. than we switch it around the next day, giving two meals that would more fit the nerdy kid. that basketball player would be hungry, right? you need to adjust the nutrient levels to better suit your plant's needs.

    the tempratures ranges are good, but they dont mean jack unless they are over 95 F. the closer the plant gets to a light, the warmer it is going to be. currently in the warmest corner of my room, the temprature is 90 F. my intake is currently taking in fresh outside air that is 43 F. the room drops down to 65F at the lowest at night. my plants show no signs of temprature stress, whatsoever. this past paragraph was kind of a stoner ramble, lol, but just my thoughts on temprature.

    so next time you flush, instead of using just water, use a small dose of H202 (a bottle of it from the grocery store at 3% strength, you use 20mL per gal.) it will help leech out excess salts in your medium.
  5. Ive been ph correcting all of my water prior to watering, I also ph correct after adding nutrients. I am using Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom Part A & B, Sensi CalMg Mix, Big Bud, Rhino Skin on the infected plant.

    I really think I may need to invest in a new ph meter.

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