Fan leaves are vertical and buds with very little trichomes

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  1. This is a bag seed grow from a pretty good unknown strain. It vegged for 6 weeks under 3 150 watt cfls on 18/4 and is currently finishing week 6 of flower with 2 150 watt big bulb cfls and just last night I installed a 10 watt reptile uvb light because I've read it could help with trichome production. Anyways she got buds around week 3 of flower but they haven't grown much since and they seem to have very little trichomes on them. I watered last night when she was drooping and came in this morning to see all of my leaves pointing vertically up twords the lights which just went off about 45 mins before.

    Temps are around 80 with lights off and have gotten up to 91 with them on, on a hot day, and around the fabric 5 gallon pot I use temps stay around 75.

    Soil is a homemade all organinc that works wonderfully in gardens. I don't know the exact ratios or mixtures.

    I don't currently ph or use nutes but I do have bloom boost if anyone thinks it would help. Here is a quick pic I got this morning I can take better closer pics tonight. Thanks for any input it's greatly apriciated![​IMG]

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  2. Those CFL's need to be dropped to about 3-4 inches above the plant. The leaves are just reaching for light. If you don't keep those CFL's close to the buds you will have incredibly fluffy buds once dried and cured. It would make a worlds difference if you Christmas tree'd some 23W 3500k CFL's around all the lower buds.. also don't add any nutes yet and ph'ing will be required when nuting.

    The buds may get a little larger but with cfl don't expect them to get much longer... the last few weeks is when they start to add on their weight.

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  3. Your temps are too high, your plants are straining to reach the light so you have the problem of how do i cool the temp and bring the light closer, and If you add nutes still add slow, you probably won't end up with much smoke but keep reading and keep trying
  4. I just moved the lights up that high a few days ago to try and combat the temps a little more. I'm currently trying to find a new way to cool it off. I will move them back down where they were before the leaves started pointing up they were about 5 in away from the top buds

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  5. Absolute lack of lighting - that's all there is to it.

    Those CFL's will get you nowhere and you're seeing it now.

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