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  1. Hi

    I have a grow tent (60x60x160 cm) and i want to use the space smart.
    SO i put the fan on the top of my tent, so the fresh air is going in my tent's wall and is redirected in my light(to cool it down) and in my plants(to provide them with CO2 and fresh air)


    I will adjust and rethink this when my plants get bigger

    The fan has 35 wats(i use it at minimum)

    anyways, is this a good idea, will it work?

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  2. Ignore the dirty humidifier, i m too lazy to clean it, the cable(i forgot it there, is my ip cams cable) and the name tags LOL, yeah, i m crazy, i gave names to my plants
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  3. Do you not have an inline fan/carbon filter?

    We use fans for air flow in order to prevent mold, and inline fans with carbon filters to get rid of odor and to get rid of the heat and bring cooler air in.
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  4. Ideally, you'd want a smaller oscillating fan closer to the plants, not constantly blowing on them, but enough to promote air flow through the leaves.
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  5. Yep,
    You are gonna need a smaller fan in there. 6" clip fan is about the biggest you will have space for and even then it may end up being tight towards the end of a grow! Probably see you make do with having the fan down the bottom circulating air upwards through the foliage.

    An inline extractor (with or without carbon filter) is pretty much essential, to get some air movement once that tent is chock full of plant!

    What is your plan for the grow overall, 4 plant scrog?
    You are gonna have real space issues if you p[lan on all 4 plants staying there otherwise. I've been growing for about a decade in a 600x600x1500 tent and it's a fight to keep 1 plant in there with a 6" fan and 300w Blurple or 1000w Spiderfarmer type LED!
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  6. We all grow a bit differently. In my small 2x2 tents I do not run an extraction fan. I use two small 6" clip on fans. One aimed at an inside corner of the tent to circulate air and one to help control the tents temperature. Here are a few photos. 20221117_194532.jpg 20221117_194510.jpg
    I also cut a hole in the bottom and put my tent on a stand. This gives me a little more inside height between the plants canopy and the light. I use flexable ducting with a full bend in it for passive intake and to direct my upper fan at for exhaust. Light cannot bend around a corner so it poses no threat of light during your dark cycle. I've been running this little tent non stop for 3 years now. I'm not concerned about odor.
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  7. Hang a box fan on the top of that tent . What i use They have a lot of power. And if your using mh or hps its going to be a oven ! Its not worth upgrading to buy a cool tube hood. Just buy a led for 100 bucks you be much better off.
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  8. Took the legs of a pedestal fan. 3×3×6ft tent.
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  9. Amen Bro,
    Where the advice kinda falls down is geographic location it comes from!
    I'm good with no extraction for the most part from now till Apr, before i need the airflow to assist with maintaining RH and temp. Odour control isn't a real issue for me either.
    Also my ability to keep a grow looking as tidy as yours, would think after so long i would have eventually got better at plant training but nope! HAha.
    Cool idea, would be good to get my dwc res under the tent like that and get another 14" of breathing room. See if i can have a re-arrange before the next seed drop!:Love-Plant:
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  10. I agree geographical location does make a difference. That tent is in a temperature and humidity controlled room. I do run intake and exhaust blowers on my 3x3 and 4x4 tents. I have two of these little 2x2 tents. I use one for a single minelined or augmented mainlined plant and the other for making feminized seed. Neither 2x2 tent needs high air exchange.
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