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  1. I know this sounds stupid, but we could all be talking to famous people on here. Think about it they would not just scream that they were famous on here b/c it would cause this bumrush of shit. Just makes me wonder though what do you think? We really do not know who we r talking to..................................:rolleyes: JOE>
  2. Yeah, who knows. I could be Marc Emery, then again, I could also be a DEA agent. Want to take a chance? :D

  3. Lol, You could, in that case I would have to say you suck, JK but I mean for real you don't think of that sometimes, it kinda freaks me out now and then. I mean I know everyone does not want to put their pics up and we could not tell if they were who they said they were n e ways, but it is just a cool thought. Oh well I guess this was stupid. JOE>:D
  4. well, to be honest, i doubt it....but i never thought of it that way...now look what you did
  5. I am so sorry I am going to go and cut my wrist now. HAHA! I might have been high when I thought of this post this weekend, No I am sure I was high B/C I smoked all weekend. JOE>

    P.S. I still think it could happen I mean they are normal just with more money and better lawyers and shit. I would invite some famous people to toke w/ me. I have hung out with and partied w/ famous people I am even on a DVD first season of a show. I will never tell you all who I played and on what DVD, but its true. Now try to guess what DVD I am on??????????????????:D
  6. chapples show???
  7. im that guy, from that movie...ya thats me
  8. I'm the Queen of England. Pleasure to meet you :)

    Tupping capital pip pip, what.

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