famous people support legalization

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  1. Hey blades, I was browsing around when i stumbled onto this lil gem of a site http://www.marijuanamajority.com/. It lists an impressive number of famous people and government officials showing support of legalizing pot, to varying extents but something's better then nothing.Check it out, show some support, enjoy. 
    I searched around but couldn't find anything about this on the forum and i feel its something that should be shared. hope this is the right place for this post.
    P.S. I know some of the personalities in the link are just doing it for publicity (like NJ gov. Chris Christie) but I sincerely believe most are earnest about helping the people.

  2. Barack Obama... Interesting

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  3. That is interesting. Of the vast majority on there, I'm not surprised, but there are a few who's support I'm impressed by. I'd be interested to see this done for figures outside of the US and foreign politicians. To conveniently get to know who our 420-friendly politicians here in Oz are would be neato.
  4. some interesting positive comments for sure !

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