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  1. Well im not sure where this goes so i thought id put it in real life story's.

    So i need some opinions from my blades..L ong story short my little sister is 17 and is following the wrong path and is on her way to be like are mother. Doing unmentionables, whoring herself around town, and she already has an alcohol problem...

    My question is should i talk to her as a big brother, tell her that are whole family has my back on saying she needs to stop everything. I dont want her to fuck up her life.. Or should i just not care and let her find out the same mistakes are mom when threw.

    Much love blades and thank you for your time.
  2. dont tell her to stop. you will never stop her from dong what she wants
    tell her you love her, and you know shes gona do her own thing, so position yourself so you will be the one she trust's and calls when she fucks up
    thats when you can help her best
    try and teach her to party responsibily
    i mean shes gona do it her along the process, but dont block her
  3. also, try and explain to her about alcohol withdrawl and alcoholism
    if she can understand why she shouldnt drink all the time, then maybe she wont
    dont just say..dont drink alcohol
  4. Absolutely but id hate to see her make those mistakes and have 3 kids by doin my best to be that big brother she can always beat the shit outta anyone that hurts her. My brother told me to never mess with that shit and i have. I wish she would do the same but her friends are my coworkers and i cant really say hey stop gettin my sister drunk ya know?
  5. Yes you can. I would definitely talk to them about it. Is it legal for her to drink? If not that's another reason to talk to them. Someyimes you can't be the cool brother you night have to show her some tough love. It might help straighten her out.
  6. if tthey are your freinds, hopefully u can convince them to respect you by not knocking up your sister
    in fact, have them look out for her for you
    thats how it should be done
  7. I honestly think that if i have that talk now shell blow me off and not even talk to me..thanks everyone..i think ill just let nature take its corse and see her with a few more kids..:(
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    Yeah, go ahead and let nature take its course, like a protective older brother would. :rolleyes:

    Then maybe she'll end up just like my sister, in a delinquent rehab center with 5-10 older guys hating her for getting caught and being forced to put them in jail for statutory rape, constantly being passed around from place to place because none of her family will take her in due to how crazy she's become because nobody paid attention to her when they were supposed to, before it got so bad.

    I'm so tired of seeing people stand by while teenagers ruin their lives with drugs and sex and what-have-you... Our society is so fucked up. Lately it seems like nobody is willing to take responsibility for their children, and it's truly sickening. Slaps on the wrist don't change anything in the long run, it takes somebody who cares.

    My mom was exactly the same way, and our foster parents didn't take initiative when I told them my sister was going down the wrong road. She even had a brief stay in juvy. It started when she was 12-13, and I feel that if she had gotten the right counseling when she was younger instead of being pushed aside things wouldn't have gotten this bad.

    Now she's so far gone that she's the only one who can bring herself back; don't let it get to that point. At least talk to her and let her know how you feel. Even if it doesn't help, she'll realise that somebody cares. 

    Ignoring things does not solve them, it only gives them time to fester.
  9. First find out how she is getting these things/ getting money for this. Then see if she would rather drink and smoke with you. It is better if she does this with you than with others. If she agrees to this then I will tell you the next step.

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