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family help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kstev, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I'm going to keep this as short as I can...
    About 5 weeks ago I sold a weed brownie to my best friend at school. Unfortunately, he only wanted it to impress a girl and he was not experienced at being high, so he immediately started to freak out and called his dad (who is a cop) telling him how he felt and completely ratting me out. His dad brings the brownies to my parents around 1 am on a Saturday night and tells her how i'm a dealer getting kids addicted to drugs. So my parents immediately search my car and find about 40 brownies (about an ounce and a half) and then another ounce and a half of weed. They bitch me out for like 3 hours saying how disappointed they were bla bla bla and grounding me for a month taking my phone, car, and not letting me leave the house except for school, of course.

    Yeah so what?... I got caught with more than usual...but this is where it gets bad. Four weeks later, I come home and my TV is gone. I thought my mom was maybe switching it out or something so I wasn't worried, but she says we need to talk. She said she got a call from the police saying my dealer was being investigated and I was suspected to be dealing (which was from a long time ago). Because of this, she automatically assumes i'm still dealing and read all my Facebook messages when I was gone. I pretty much have written everything I've ever done behind her back on there and she knew it all and everything about all my friends too. I really haven't smoked since, but she won't believe me because I had Facebook messages talking about missing it and wanting it just a few days before. I stopped talking to her because I was ashamed, and embarrassed, and frustrated with her. Yes I did deal, but i'm never gonna do it again, I just wanna smoke now, but she makes such a big deal out of it because my brother is in jail from harder drugs. She is trying to send me to military school when i'm a straight A student...

    But this is where i'm lost. Today she tried to talk to me and I told her i'm sick of talking to her I never want to talk to her again. So she started crying, she said fine i'll leave forever, and she packed her bags and drove away about 5 hours ago. I don't know what to do...

    I skipped a lot of minor details because this whole story is much longer
  2. tell her youre sorry?
  3. 40 brownies...your full of shit.
  4. Ah, that sucks. I would call her and apologize.
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    you're mom sounds over emotional, and the authority figures in your life are complete backward dickheads. You're an adult though, you should probably just move out and go elsewhere at this point. Your mom isn't going to leave everything she owns just because you told her you never want to speak to her ever again, and if she would do that she has bigger issues than you do right now.
    Honestly I wouldn't give in at this point, if she took that seriously, which she shouldn't have because honestly who never speaks to their mother again over weed, then that's her fault. If she picked up and left you, she is a horrible person.
    Eitherway wait until you can move out, or since you're already 18 just pack your shit, up, and leave that place.
  6. Fuckin last paragraph lmao
  7. How am I full of shit? All my friends wanted them for dances and stuff so I made 3 batches of 16 with about a half O in each.... And yes, I did apologize.
  8. She doesn't want her youngest son to end up like the fuckup her older one did, cant say I blame her.

    Especially considering you just admitted to previously being a dealer.

    PS. Dont do drugs with kids whose parents are pigs
  9. fucked up story man, call her and tell her you love her.. because you know u do
  10. She's concerned that you're taking the wrong path. All I can suggest is to gain her trust back by proving you're a good kid. Make the right choices, be respectful, etc. And fuck up that kid who ratted you out.
  11. ^ lol yeah, assault a cops son

    real smart
  12. She wants to send you to military school, chit. What grade are you in now,? :smoke:
  13. You're almost finished then, she is likely bluffing. You should contact her and apologize though. Let her know that you understand that she is disappointed, but that you are frustrated because you are telling the truth. Maybe volunteer for a DT? :smoke:
  14. But, the problem is that it's not the entire truth, really. I have stopped dealing forever and I haven't touched a drug since, but I probably will start smoking again and she knows that. I keep telling her i'm not though, but she always finds out I am which just worsens our relationship and trust. She doesn't realize how weed is actually healthy for you and helps stimulate brain function and creativity because she is corrupted by the government's lies :( She knows anything drug related on my record will destroy college, job opportunities, loans, and even the ability to live in an apartment because it happened to my bro. She just wants the best for me, which I understand, but she is way too overprotective and emotional about it.

  15. literally tell everybody at school about the kid, because he will rat others out. never talk to him again! honestly, tell people because thats just fucked up! your mom will be back tommorow, dont worry. just chill and everything will be alright. it sucks that u lost all that weed. find a better spot to hide it.
  16. She probably just took off with your brownie's and will be back in a week after having a hella good time

    Likely wont remember why she left in the first place
  17. white boy problems

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