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Discussion in 'General' started by becauseIlikeIt, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. family guy KICKS ASS!!
  2. "You guys were so blazed you thought you sounded good"
  3. "but why would we need to bake cookies, lois, when there's a magical land of candy right there"

    i came in late and i thought they were trippin on x at first
  4. lame at the end how the ragged on weed though
  5. yeah, i guess weed is like acid or some shit eh
  6. I missed it. No retaliation to South Park?
  7. dude these shows are written way in advance, thats how cartooning works, not like other shows.

    most of the time you make a few shows and try to sell them to a network

    (my cousin was a cartoonist for dr. katz. :cool: )
  8. im almost 100% sure they were being sarcastic.
  9. but that still makes america anti MJ. btw, south park can be done in a week. that show is put together so cheap and quick they can have shows ridiculously on topic to whats happening in the news. but a lot of the time they get kinda lucky
  10. Yea, they put South Park together fast.

    I haven't seen the episode you guys are talking about, but it sounds funny as fuck.
  11. no adam west kills the noid comments?

    bitches...pudding stew
  12. dude, the noid was my favorite part. I haven't seen him in forever. "Perhaps the noid should have stayed away from ME..." that shit was awesome. brought back good memories....and family guy's the shit
  13. The episode was based around the Danish cartoon conflict, which is fairly recent news.

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