Falling From a Height of 23 Miles

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  1. This guy is going to ascend in a helium balloon to the edge of the atmosphere, near outer space, and jump out. If all goes according to plan, he will be the first person to break the sound barrier without being in a vehicle.

    Skydiver preparing for 120,000-foot supersonic fall - CNN.com

    Whatcha think?
  2. He will also be the first person to completely liquefy BEFORE hitting the ground.
  3. I think he's an adrenaline junkie.

    Wouldn't the sonic boom wreck your ears?
  4. The 1960's beat him to it. This guy jumped from 102,000 and broke the sound barrier.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81gn2oLeC_U]YouTube - First Man in Space - Skydiving From The Edge Of The World[/ame]

  5. Not in a pressurized suit.

    Seems to me like he has a pretty good chance of success, I mean it's not like he's some lunatic who's just gonna jump out of a space ship. He has a team of scientists working with the latest technology and he's sponsored by red bull.

    I say it's an 80% chance of success :smoke:
  6. ^He almost broke it, but he didn't. He's consulting the guy who's about to try though.
  7. I'm not an expert on the subject but I thought that there is a terminal velocity when falling, so that you can only fall so fast. How is he getting around this to reach the sound barrier? Is it just because he is THAT high?
  8. Oh word, I thought he broke it.

    Vacuum of space man. Fuck that shit would be crazy as fuck.
  9. this^
  10. Naw bro, terminal velocity is how fast you need to be falling to die ON IMPACT. So since this dudes using a parachute he won't have to worry about it, every sky diver reaches terminal velocity :D
  11. Oh my god put yourself in his shoes as he takes that ride up in that balloon....this still and bright....thinking about what his life has come to....damn that's a man...
  12. dude watching that video made me tear up, i mean i havnt slept a wink and its 5am so my eyes are dry and shit but, still....

    imagine being in the vacuum of space and then free falling to earth!
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    Naw bro, terminal velocity is how fast you are going when the force of air resistance has grown to the equivalent of the force of gravity, stopping your acceleration: AKA consistant (terminal) velocity.

    To answer the initial question:

    Because terminal velocity is the result of an air resistance that equals and counteracts the force of gravity, less air results in a higher terminal velocity. The air is so thin in the upper atmosphere that it doesn't provide nearly as much air resistance.
  14. I would do that in a heartbeat, couple big rips of my bong and WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOO:D
  15. NO!!! I want to be the one that beets joe kittinger
  16. I wish that could be me. Even with how dangerous it is... that would just be the most incredible experience ever.
  17. see i think its really hard to get to that terminal velocity unless the object has alot of air resistance.

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