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    Ok so this has happened to me before, but last night was the most intense/like a trip experience ever, almost not scary thank god I have had it when it has been terrifying.

    So what happened was I was lying down trying to sleep (this usually happens, at least to me, when I am trying to sleep but not fully tired) and I started to go to 'sleep' but I was still awake. Like I was lying on my side looking at my clock kinda closing my eyes and I fell 'awake' and started to pretty much trip out with my eyes open and hear shit and see shit and I was still pretty much conscious. Like I said this has happened before and I knew what was happening and it was almost enjoyable, in an interesting way.

    I have heard a friend talk about the same thing happening, so I know it's not just me.

    Also I think it is most likely to happen if I haven't smoked in a few days (tend to dream a lot when I stop smoking, not so much when I am smoking) and when I have been sleeping too much and can't sleep, or if it has been a stressful/ emotional day.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Isn't it crazy?!?!?

    EDIT: forgot to mention when this happens you become paralyzed and cannot move, as if asleep.

    reEDIT: This is called Sleep Paralysis, but it is different for different people and still an interesting phenomenon, so yea, discuss?
  2. Do I have to bump this? I want to know if this happens/has happened to anyone else
  3. That's never happened to me....

    I dunno what to tell you, man. Sounds pretty cool? Unless it's like a bad trip where you can't move but you're looking at some scary shit...? :confused_2:
  4. actually read that wiki page it explains it pretty well. Shit is crazy and it has happened numerous times even though I don't have narcolepsy but its ok. Only thing is when it happens to me it lasts a long time, which according to wikipedia is unusual
  5. Nope, when I try to go to sleep it either takes 5 minutes or 5 hours.

  6. More likely then not, it's sleep paralysis.

    I've had it for quite some time. Usually in the form of when my conscious mind awakes, but at a faster rate then my physical body. I can utilize my mind to it's full potential, but my body is in a temporarily paralyzed state.

  7. I did read the Wikipedia article, and when I did so, I remembered learning about this condition in my psych class last semester. I loved psych because it's so interesting how our brains work and especially all the ways they can malfunction....
  8. Has happened to me numerous times, for some reason it won't happen for a few months, then I'll have a period where it will happen very regularly for a few weeks. I haven't found any correlation between my diet, stress levels, caffeine intake or anything.

    It can be frightening, sometimes I have the ominous feeling that there is a dark figure over my bed, or someone is in the shadows waiting to strike. The inability to move makes it all the more worse. I am a terrible enough insomniac as it is, so it doesn't really help.
  9. Yeah it is really scary. I have had it happen too where I am dreaming like full on but can't move either in real life and like I kind of float in the dream and its scary and you try to scream but you can't, and you can't wake up. It's actually one of the worst feelings I have ever felt and that is saying a lot.
  10. Damn :smoke:, that sounds pretty intense. I feel like if slightly felt like this when I'm dreaming but not that intense!
  11. sometimes when im trying to sleep i would feel as if my bed pushed me face forward onto the ground waking me up.
  12. Yes, but you realize what CAUSES the brain to malfunction?! The bad spirits, man... They're watching you, waiting for you to go to sleep...

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