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Falling Asleep High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rivalZone, May 28, 2009.

  1. So whenever I get really high I just love to close my eyes and listen to music but I always fall asleep. It will only take me a few mins before I'm out and I will have no idea I'm falling asleep. I will just wake hours later.

    Even if I don't feel like having my eyes closed they will get really sore after 20mins of being high from the light so I pretty much have to close them...

    Any way to fix this? I have smoked 4 different strains, happens with all of them.
  2. Be active, find something fun to do, ride your bike, haha wear sunglasses.
  3. sunglasses for your peepers

    edit:^this dudes got it
  4. Like the other person said, do something fun, WHILE listening to music ;)
  5. dude this happens to new smokers a lot, and sunglasses are definately crucial...

    also, when my eyes get heavy i just pop in a couple drops of rhoto v in each eye... its like refreshing for your eyes:smoking:
  6. of course rhoto v. its like cocaine for your eyes haha. I love the rush from them and also me and my friends get super stoned and ride our bikes pretty much every night of summer. nothing better than riding high!
  7. do something active. i love playing sports, having fun, listening to music, or do anything when I'm high. and for some reason i like to do crazy shit as well

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